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    Dollywood | Unknown | Unknown | 2023

    "Naughton just touched briefly on a new ride, which he called a multigenerational coaster, which would be for all ages. It is slated to open in 2023." Sounds like a family coaster to me, I guess that means the B&M hyper is out. :(
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    Vortex at Carowinds possibly getting refurbished?

    This wasn't a complete train, or just a collection of parts, but rather looked to be enough replacement assemblies to rebuild both existing trains. They were running both trains yesterday and the seat assemblies on both were stripped bare of all non essential parts. The assemblies visible from...
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    Vortex at Carowinds possibly getting refurbished?

    I hope this is the right place to post this, if not apologies in advance. Yesterday while marathoning Fury 325 I noticed what appeared to be coaster parts next to the lift hill visible from the left side of the train. After several rides I realized they were B&M stand up coaster seat and wheel...
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    Fun Spot Atlanta Partnering with RMC for 2022

    I've never really had a reason to visit this park even though they are only a couple hours drive. This will definitely get me to visit. I'm with TPoseOnTantrum on it being the recently revealed Family Coaster. Fun Spot is more known as a family park, not a thrill park.
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    Which US parks are currently requiring reservations?

    Yes, just login to your account on the pass holder login and click the link. If it doesn't print out, just print out the email or something to prove that you did it. It seems that half the time it doesn't work correctly. When you go through the parking lot entrance, just show that to them...
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    Which US parks are currently requiring reservations?

    I'll add SFoG I have had no trouble making reservations as late at 10pm the night before. Last night around 8pm I made reservations for today as well as reserved a premium parking spot. The premium parking spot didn't even show as low capacity. Also, I didn't see it in your list, but...
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    The Riddler Mindbender at SFOG

    They have been saying Spring all year. That said, the track is back together and I believe the new track has been painted. My best guess is going to be Memorial Day weekend.
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    Which park are you looking forward to opening?

    I'm looking forward to Carowinds since I got spited on it last year on what would have been my first visit. I did have a great time this past weekend at Six Flags Over Georgia now that they are open. I can't wait until Mind Bender reopens, looks like the new track section has been installed...
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    Six Flags to close 15 rides in the chain after 2020

    Sky Buckets at SFOG was hit and miss in 2019, did not operate at all in 2020. I was there yesterday and the cable that supported the cars has been removed. No indication whether is was being repaired or removed. I hope they are refurbishing it as I always loved it.
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    The best park in the world for each major manufacturer?

    Don't forget, Six Flags over Georgia also has 4 B&Ms: Goliath - Hyper Georgia Scorcher - Standup Batman the Ride - Batman clone Invert Superman Ultimate Flight - Flying coaster (also the original Superman flyer of which there are several clones)
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    Cheetah at Wild Adventures retired

    Dangit, you had me excited there would be another good local B&M for me.
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    Your top 10 coasters in your home country/state

    I live in Georgia, and although we have 3 parks, I've only been to Six Flags Over Georgia. I did have plans for Wild Adventures last year but we all know how that turned out. Anyway, my rankings ruling out 3 defunct coasters are: 1. Goliath 2. Twisted Cyclone 3. Blue Hawk 4. Georgia Scorcher...
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    IP-themed rides that have outgrown their IP?

    As a huge Star Wars fan going back to 1977, you are spot on, not only with Rise of the Resistance, but the entire Galaxy's Edge area. If some of the rumors I've been hearing are even remotely true, Disney may very well retheme a lot of it to the original trilogy or The Mandalorian timeline, or...
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    Six Flags to close 15 rides in the chain after 2020

    SFoG - Sky Buckets started being hit or miss in Fall of 2019 and were closed all of 2020 season. That could indicated they have a major issue with them.
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    Small News From The Theme Park Industry

    Six Flags over Georgia is my home park and I've ridden Superman Ultimate Flight 12 times this season. I almost had the same leg issue the weekend before this was filmed because the attendant was in such a hurry. In my case it was early in the day so it wasn't because they were ready to quit...
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    If you could put any roller coaster in your home park, what would it be and where would it go?

    My home park is SFoG. I would love to see a new area built where the original parking lot went to the old back gate where Pandemonium is now extending to the Gotham City area. It could even be a part of the ScreamPunk area and have midways connecting it to Gotham City. This would make a huge...
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    I'm not much of a drinker, but I came up with this concoction that I call Great White Shark Bite: 1 oz. Captain Morgan Silver Spiced Rum .5 oz. DeKuyper Blue Curacao 4 oz. Body Armor Tropical Punch coconut water 8 splashes of Grenadine Garnish with a gummy shark. You can skip the Body Armor...
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    Six Flags to close 15 rides in the chain after 2020

    I remember the "Tilt-a-Whirl" from when I was a kid back in the late 70's early 80's. It looks like the same ride with new paint.
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    Six Flags to close 15 rides in the chain after 2020

    Did SFOG actually "add" the Tilt and Scrambler, or just take them back out of storage and retheme them? AIso, is anything useable left of Splashwater Falls?
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    What Is Your Dream Vehicle?

    Current daily driver - 2019 Ford F150 Raptor Toy Hauler - 2017 Ford F350 Superduty Lariat Dually Dream vehicle - Superformance GT40 MKII with Roush 427FE