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  1. richardcrete

    Dollywood | Unknown | Unknown | 2023

    I don't know if I had to post this in Dollywood's investment thread, but, as part of its new HeartSong Lodge & Resort, the park is planning a "multigenerational coaster" for 2023.
  2. richardcrete

    RMC launches Family Hybrid Coasters

    RMC has launched its Family Hybrid Coasters ! IBox Track, Class 3 restraint, 3 standard models and custom layout are proposed.
  3. richardcrete

    SeaWorld Abu Dhabi | Unknown | Intamin LSM Launch Coaster? | 2022

    (sorry if this thread already exist) 117th First Drop Magazine reveal that SeaWorld Abu Dhabi's 2022 coaster will be a Intamin (not Mack as thought before) Multi-Launch Coaster (LSM Launch Coaster?).
  4. richardcrete

    Fantasiana | Fridolins verrückter Zauberexpress | ART Engineering Kiddie Multi-Launch Coaster |2021 have released a exclusive article and podcast about austrian park Fantasiana's 2021 new coaster. In addition to Pax "Wild Train", the park will open Project "Merlin" : Il will be a Multi Launch Coaster designed by ART Engineering (Mack Rides is responsible for the tracks...
  5. richardcrete

    Bollywood Parks Dubai? | unknown | Mack Hyper Coaster| ??

    It seems that Mack Rides Hyper Coaster (initially sheduled to Six Flags Dubai) tracks are now on Bollywood Parks Dubai's site. Source :