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  1. NickkyG

    Video of B&M Invert station

    Does anyone have a video of a B&M invert loading/unloading and entering/leaving the station? Cheers in advance!
  2. NickkyG

    Download link

    Call me an idiot, but i'm currently reinstalling No Limits but i can't find the download link anywhere, all the links on the website are for the demo? Edit: I just checked my email from them i got when i bought it and got this message: "Your download link has expired. You can no longer...
  3. NickkyG

    Diamondback style Hyper Coaster train

    What is the name for this type of train?
  4. NickkyG

    Launch coaster speed variations

    Why do accelerator coasters vary in speed each time they launch? Do LSM launches also vary in speed?
  5. NickkyG

    Holt - Launched Eurofighter (Complete)

    A new coaster being constructed in the heart of an english forest. Holt is a launched Eurofighter featuring two inversions, three airtime hills. The launch reaches 47mph. Construction will be completed soon! It's my first 'proper' coaster so don't expect ultra realism or anything...
  6. NickkyG


    Do splashdowns only occur on B&M coasters, or do other manufacturers also do them (in the sense of scoops on the back, not a 'log flume' dive)? Are they currently only on Dive Machines and Hyper Coasters? How much do they slow the train down?
  7. NickkyG

    3 car dive machines

    On Oblivion, the seats on the second car are raised up a little. Am I right to assume that on a 3 car dive machine, the seats in the third car are then raised up even higher again?
  8. NickkyG

    State of Thorpe Park rides

    I'm off to Thorpe on tuesday, hurray for cheap Tesco points tickets! Unfortunately on the last two trips, Stealth has been rather dead (ie not running at all). Can anyone who's been recently let me know if most of the rides are up and running? Cheers! Nick
  9. NickkyG

    LSM launches

    What restrictions are there on LSM launches? What is the fastest LSM coaster, and what is the potential speed they can reach? How fast can they accelerate in comparison to Intamin Accelerator launches? What happens if a train rolls backwards onto the LSM launch track? Thanks in advance!
  10. NickkyG

    Cable lifts

    How do cable lifts work? What makes the cable go up and down the lift? Does the train just wait at the bottom of the lift until the cable is ready to lift the train?
  11. NickkyG

    Lift hills with alterable speeds

    I noticed some lift hills change speed depending on what's going on. Air at Alton Towers specifically seems to slow down or stop halfway up, i assume this is because the first train is still half way around the track. Do all coasters start climbing the lift hill early and then slow down until...
  12. NickkyG

    Anti-rollback click faster/louder at top?

    Why do the anti-rollback clicks get suddenly louder as the train starts to curve over the top of the lift (before gravity kicks in). If you watch from 12 seconds you can hear what i mean. A friend said it's because the notches are closer together...
  13. NickkyG

    Pictures of B&M Invert lift system?

    Does anyone have any close up pictures of the chain mechanism on a B&M invert coaster? The motor, chain, cogs 'n' stuff. If you have any decent pics of that stuff on other coasters that would be appreciated too! I also would like some pics of brake mechanisms on various coasters too if...
  14. NickkyG

    How much negative g-force is too much?

    What is the perfect negative g-force, and how much is too much?
  15. NickkyG

    Graphics person wanted!

    Hello all! If there's anyone out there who's pretty handy in photoshop and want to help out on a roller coaster game i'm making, give a shout here! I'm seeking someone to develop some multi-layer backdrops (ie the backdrops will move independantly from each other to create a feel of...
  16. NickkyG

    Shadow problem

    Ok, i'm not gonna pretend to be an expert on 3d modeling OR No Limits as i only just started playing with both, so bare with me :--D Basically, when i throw my 3d model into No Limits, it creates a really dark shadow in the shaded areas, while the No Limits track doesn't get very dark at...
  17. NickkyG

    Alton Towers for 2 days price

    Planning a trip to Alton towers. I remember a while ago that if you bought a ticket, you could come back the next day for just £5 or £10 or something? Is that offer on this year? And does it work if you buy tickets online? Thanks if anyone knows!
  18. NickkyG

    Thunder Looper vs Rita

    I was just reading some information on Youtube, and it stated that Thunder Looper (Alton Towers) reached 60mph in 2 seconds. Faster than Rita, which does it in 2.5 seconds. Does this mean that Thunder Looper was actually a much more forceful ride than Rita? How come such old technology can...
  19. NickkyG

    Outlaw - finished coaster

    I built a steel coaster yesterday and uploaded a video to Youtube! It doesn't have custom scenery or anything fancy, so don't expect anything insanely realistic! Ride details Max speed: 51.8mph Average speed: 22.9mph Ride time: 1 minute 45 seconds Ride length: 3550 feet Vertical Gs...
  20. NickkyG

    Dive machine holding break - how does it work?

    Simple as the thread title! How exactly does it work, and how does it release? I can't actually fathom how they made a brake feel quite so strong... every time i go on Oblivion it feels as though the brake is never going to hold as you tip over slightly.