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  1. Coaster Hipster

    La Mer de Sable (France) to build a Mine Train for 2020

    La Mer de Sable announced on social media they are building a Mine Train - presumably - for this year. Although no year is mentioned in this post, the French park made an allusion to the ride in its New Year wishes post. That January 2nd post claimed guests will "roll over gold" ("rouler sur...
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    Predicting the most successful new coaster type of the 2020s.

    Into the new decade a lot of new concepts are being introduced/announced or waiting for a buyer. Which one do you think will pop up the most at parks?
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    Quick Walibi Holland impressions [May 19]

    Visited WH last Friday. Don't have much time to write in detail about the park, but here's some quick thoughts on my re-visit: Untamed looks terrific! Walibi Holland's management claims the layout went through many iterations and ajustments to maximal the original structure's potential...
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    China June 19' - Shanghai, Beijing & more

    Writing you right from the airport in Paris Roissy. Consider me hyped! Might as well copy and paste the script for a video I procrastinated too much on to complete. I don't claim to have an educated insight on travelling to China, as this is my first visit. But that's what I got from my...
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    Sea World Australia | Leviathan | Gravity Group woodie | 2021

    After DC Rivals, it seems the Australian coaster market is on a roll! Always happy to see more GG woodies popping up :)
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    Parks with the savviest management.

    Those parks do well despite their limited funds. Or instead, some parks do have a fair bit of money to invest, and they do spend it smartly. So, what parks do you think have been wisely expanding in the past 5/10 years? Although the park hasn't been completely refurbished yet, I really love how...
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    Nigloland | Noisette Express | ART Engineering Children's Coaster

    Some signs announcing a new attraction for 2020 were spotted at Nigloland in France last week: ('Devinez le nom de l'attraction' means 'Guess the name of the ride' in French 'Noisette Express' = 'Hazelnut Express'...) The signs were located behind the Wacky Worm coaster of the park, which...
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    POVs that do not do justice to the ride - at all

    We've all heard and read the words 'the POV doesn't do it justice', and indeed, very often expectations when watching a ride on Youtube differ from the actual experience. What were the most striking rides that really weren't what you expected from the POVs?
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    Best One-Trick ponies?

    Coaster that mostly rely on one single gimmick/spectacular element aren't generally viewed as the best ride experiences overall. But do you think there are exceptions? Are there short, but very memorable and fun coasters with one big outstanding moment? I'm a fan of snappy launches - think...
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    Best coasters you don't want to ride that much? (not ridden yet)

    It's kind of a bizarro bucket list: what are the coasters that you presume are (very) good, but you don't feel the personal desire to urgently go and ride it? In other words, those coasters must be great, but somehow aren't priority for you. Personally: Shambhala - Supposedly the best B&M...
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    Parc Saint Paul 16/09/18 - Pax madness, Gravity Group goodness!

    Even though Parc Saint Paul is less than 2 hours away from where I live, I somehow never bothered to visit the place. After several delays and figuring out a public transportation/uber strategy to navigate in and out there, it was finally time to discover Parc Saint Paul and its reported...
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    First coaster trip in England! Blackpool, Alton, Thorpe, Chessington 18'

    For whatever reasons, I never visited English amusement parks until this year, even though coasters across the Channel - especially Alton's - had my interest ever since I became an enthusiast back in 2005. But with the additions of both Icon and Wicker Man and the opportunity to join fellow...
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    Your coaster firsts

    What was your first coaster of a type? Felt like sharing about my coaster "firsts" :) First coaster: Big Thunder Mountain (Paris) First Steel coaster: Big Thunder Mountain First Wooden coaster: Tonnerre de Zeus First coaster with inversions: Goudurix (ouch!) First launch coaster: Psyké...
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    Parc Astérix | Toutatis | Intamin Launch Coaster | 2023 (Interesting excerpt starts at 15:15) During a documentary dedicated to Parc Astérix on TF1 (France's biggest broadcast TV), Frédéric Dubosc, head of new construction at Astérix explicitely says: "To be honest we are...
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    Legendia | Bazyliszk | Dark Shooter

    Remember Legendia, which opened the amazing Lech Coaster last year? Well they're not stopping their refurbishment yet! Photos and concept-art of Basiliek, the upcoming shooter dark-ride, surfaced on SkyScraperCity: As a reminder, some pictures I took of Legendia back in August ;)...
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    Parc Saint Paul | Wood Express | Gravity Group Wooden

    Source: Pigeon's Team Parc Saint Paul in northern France has announced their 2018 addition! Wood Express will be a family GG woodie with 13 moments of airtime! Stats Height 15m (49ft) Length 479m (1572ft) Speed 61 km/h...
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    Futuroscope | Objectif Mars | Intamin spinner

    Futuroscope's manager, Dominique Hummel, has recently announced the construction of a major roller coaster at the park for 2019. The coaster would cost 22 million euros, theming included, which would be the biggest investment of the park for a long while. Source in French...
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    Bagatelle, August 17' - French Invertigo & other stuff

    Before making it to Plopsa/Efteling, I made a little stop in Northern France to get some creds at Bagatelle. Not the best first impression tbh, but this is actually the worst looking part of the park - perhaps along with the Triops zone. The core of Bagatelle is quite pleasant to walk...
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    August 17' Creds in Europe (Part 2: Plopsaland)

    Yep, another one of those. This I'm off to the Benelux with an Efteling + Plopsaland combo! Part 1: Efteling As I moved on from simply visiting and credding to filming videos at parks. I started appreciating places that actually care about theming and landscaping a bit more. I had visited...
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    Jardin d'Acclimatation (Paris) to add 17 new rides including Gerstlauer Bobsleigh!

    Jardin d'Acclimatation, located in the far west of Paris just announced an extensive investment plan for 2018 including a new Gerstlauer Bobsleigh coaster. Source (in French)...