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  1. Scott88

    PortAventura - Halloween 2013 (Photo and word heavy!)

    PortAventura - Halloween 2013 Who went: Me, Mitch and Mike. Between Thursday 24th October and Monday 28th October the three of us spent a few days over in Salou with PortAventura being the main event. Holiday mode kicked in for me on Wednesday (23rd) when I finished work at 2, I picked up...
  2. Scott88

    LWV & Flamingo Land - June 1st and 2nd - TR

    LWV & Flamingo Land - June 1st and 2nd Last weekend Club PBE had its first ever event weekend away from BPB, and we chose LWV to be the place for our first ''away day'' event to take place. LWV were very accomodating to the group and we had a fantastic time, with over 30 members making the trip...
  3. Scott88

    Club PBE @ BPB - Sat 9th February

    Hey, It's a bit late I know, but I thought I'd share a small review from Club PBE's opening day event at Blackpool Pleasure Beach. The day was mainly to celebrate the re-opening of the Pleasure Beach, and it was a good day, even if the weather was dreadful and some of the coasters were having...
  4. Scott88

    Video editing software advice

    Hey, I am looking to get some new video editing software for various video making, mainly from theme parks though, I was wondering if there is any patricular software that anyone could recommend to me? There seems to be so many choices of software to pick from, but I've no idea which would be...
  5. Scott88

    Parque Warner Madrid - August 4th & 5th 2012 - PTR

    Parque Warner Madrid - August 2012 PTR The trip to Madrid began with a train journey from Crewe to Manchester Airport, after being robbed of £15 for a 45 minute journey, I had a decent journey to the airport, no delays, no faffing and we got there in good time, so after accepting that no...
  6. Scott88

    Thorpe Park - 23rd, 24th, 25th March - TR

    Thorpe Park - 23rd, 24th, 25th March Who went: Me, Ash and Peter spent most of the weekend together, Jonathan and Stuart spent time with us at short intervals over the three days. Weather: Hot! I'd expect that kind of weather in July, not in March! Ride Count (approx); Stealth x22 Swarm x6...
  7. Scott88

    Thorpe Park - 21st to 23rd Oct - PTR

    Thorpe Park Fright Nights - 21st-23rd October. Who went: Me and Stuart. Overall ride count; Stealth x25 Inferno x8 Colossus x1 Saw x1 Storm Surge x1 Rush x1 Flying Fish x1 It might look like a poor ride count considering we were there for three days, but we spent time doing the mazes also...
  8. Scott88

    Thorpe Park 25th-27th March PTR

    Thorpe Park 25th-27th March PTR Who went: My ride count (over three days): Stealth x46 (20 on Friday (15 in the final hour), 12 on Saturday and 14 on Sunday) Inferno x10 Saw x6 Slammer x3 Rush x1 Quantum x1 Vortex x1 Tidal Wave x1 Loggers x3 Colossus x1 Rapids x1 Detonator...
  9. Scott88

    PMBO - Rebrand.

    Hey, Just thought I'd share with you, that PMBO is going to have a new look to it in 2011. The trains will no longer be silver, they will be blue, with a union jack theme to them. The entrance has been pulled down and will be totally different for the new season. Finally, Pepsi Max will no...
  10. Scott88

    Furius Baco Opinions

    Hey, Sorry if this has been done before or recently posted, I am interested to know what people on here think about Furius Baco and how you would rate it compared to other Intamin launched coasters that you have been on. I've noticed its quite hit and miss with enthusiasts, the opinions...
  11. Scott88

    PBB 2011 Rumour Mill

    Hey everyone, Was meant to post this last week but never got round to it! These 'rumours' have come straight from a AGM held between Pleasure Beach and Club PB (the official club); *Rollercoaster, Goldmine & Noahs Ark will return to the full-time ride line-up in 2011. * Noahs Ark will...
  12. Scott88

    Alton Towers 21st March PTR

    Alton Towers – 21st March. Who went: Me & Stuart. Ride count: Thirteen x14 (No that isnt a maths question). :roll: Rita x2 Oblivion x1 RMT x1 Duel x3 Nemesis x3 Spinball x1 Sky ride x1 Monorail x2 Arrived on park for half 9, went straight to Thirteen and joined the back of...
  13. Scott88

    Big Dipper @ PBB.

    Hey, Just thought I'd let you know that Big Dipper at the Pleasure Beach is now testing and its looking likely that it'll be open in time for opening weekend in February 2010. I dont have any pictures yet, but I'll do my best to get some as soon as possible. Scott.
  14. Scott88

    Goodbye Superbowl (PBB)

    The removal of Superbowl has begun; There is no confirmed replacement as yet, but it is likely that something will be replacing it. If its a new ride, or something along the lines of the fountain, I have no idea, to be honest, not many people do. I will keep you updated...
  15. Scott88

    Rollercoaster Set For Re-Opening.

    After the last 3/4 days, I am pretty convinced Rollercoaster is only a few weeks away from being re-opened. A few of us have been told one rumour that its set to re-open in two weeks time from a few people around Pleasure Beach, cleaning up work has apprently been done in the station and the...
  16. Scott88

    Thorpe Park Weekend - 27th, 28th & 29th March.

    Thorpe Park - Friday 27th March Who went: Me & Stuart. Weather: It was ok, bit cold and windy, but nothing to worry about! Ride Count: Stealth x2 Inferno x3 Detonator x2 Saw - The Ride x3 Slammer x1 Rush x2 Quantum x1 Vortex x1 Loggers Leap x1 Colossus x1...
  17. Scott88

    PBB Special Offer 7th & 8th March.

    I am not sure how many people are interested and I know its short notice, but I thought I'd post it up; Offer available for a limited time only, purchase your wristbands before midnight on the 4th March 2009. Book online now enter code: 9032 Book Here...
  18. Scott88

    UK's Best Log Flume

    Hello, In your opinion which is the UK's best Log Flume! The Flume (Alton Towers) Log Flume (Blackpool Pleasure Beach) Beaver Creek Log Flume (Blackpool Pleasure Beach) Chewits Log Flume (Southport PL) Loggers Leap (Thorpe Park) Please vote and post stating what your voting...
  19. Scott88

    Your Stealth Opinion

    Hey, I am guessing that alot of people from CF will have been on Stealth by now, so whats your opinion of the ride? Please vote and post saying what you voted for!!! Thanks Bicko
  20. Scott88

    Your Rita Opinion?

    Hey, Rita has been open for about 5 months now so I am sure alot of brits from the forums would of got at least one ride on it. So I want to see what everyone's opinion of the ride is now, people have voted it better than Nemesis, but is it really that good? I honestly dont think its that...