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    Poland - Last weekend.

    Poland trip 19th to 22nd September 2020. Prior Warning: this trip report could go on for a quite a while. Background Last year, my wife and I booked a deal at the Big Blue Hotel at Blackpool Pleasure Beach which included a room with a balcony view of the rollercoasters, meals and park tickets...
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    Coaster Count / Credits

    I'm in my 50's and my coaster count is very low and, therefore, I have no real interest in gaining 'Creds'. My question is whether it is worth riding the same kiddie coasters in every park just to get another +1 ? If there is no queue for a ride of this type (Wacky Worm etc.) and the ride...
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    Blackpool Pleasure Beach - Pre COVID-19 visit

    I'm a bit late in posting this :confused: This report is from someone who has only visited a handful of Amusement / Theme Parks in the last 40 years. We went to Blackpool Pleasure Beach last year on a deal which included a room at the Big Blue Hotel with a balcony view of the rides, dinner &...