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    New Thunderbirds Dark Ride

    Taken from this article: Where could this be going then?
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    Man Falls from Kráter (Gerstlauer Eurofighter)

    A man is fighting for his life after falling 32ft from "Kráter" at Parque Del Café. Viewer discretion advised:
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    Pleasure Island, Cleethorpes to Close

    Pleasure Island Theme Park in Cleethorpes is to close forever at the end of the season. ... story.html
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    Liseberg New 2017 Attraction(s?)

    LISEBERG have just announced the closure of Spin Rock and the announcement date for 2017's new ride: "Come and say goodbye to Spin Rock Take the opportunity to have one (or multiple?!) last ever rides on Spin Rock. Until September 18, you have chance to spin around before it is time to prepare...
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    Liseberg 2018 New Coaster

    Liseberg have confirmed to a group of individuals on a behind-the-scenes tour that they are looking at installing a new rollercoaster for 2018. The Swedish park are considering either a B&M Invert or some kind of coaster from RMC. The location for the new attraction will be next to Balder on the...
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    Blackpool Pleasure Beach | Icon | Mack Multi-Launch

    To keep this short and sweet, a jeep covered by a tarp has appeared at Blackpool Pleasure Beach. None of the vehicle is visible (due to the tarp) except the rear wheel cover, on which it says "Project 2017 - Blackpool Pleasure Beach". Photos to come asap but a lot of people have seen it now and...
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    Nemesis: Sit BackWARDS? It's fright time.

    Hi guys, Nemesis: Backwards has been teased by Alton Towers on their Facebook page for the rides 21st. It's unclear whether it will be a few rows or the whole train...
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    New S&S Launched El Loco

    S&S have announced a new roller coaster to their ever growing line up: ... o-coaster/ It looks very forceful and a lot more interesting than the similar Premier S:UF clones. What do you guys think?
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    Alton Towers ERT, Friend has no MAP

    Hi there, I have just purchased a Premium Merlin Annual Pass for the first time. I am aware of ERT from 9am on select attractions, however my friend who I occasionally visit theme parks with does not have a MAP. Will we both be let past staff to ride open attractions at 9am or will they refuse...
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    Intamin Train Contacts

    What are the Scalextric-like contacts on the back of Intamin trains that touch the track? Maverick and TTD have one behind the back right wheel on the last car of each train. Are they for grounding? You can see it at 2:15 on the video below: Thanks :)
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    Helix Improvements for 2015

    When Helix was announced by Liseberg, CEO Andreas Anderson said the ride would open with various theming elements unfinished. Some examples are ivy surrounding the station latticework, details on the walls in the queue, a waterfall at the bottom of one of the drops and on-ride audio (speakers...
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    How do Launch Track Brake Fins work?

    Hi guys, My question is, what failsafes are in place on Intamin Hydraulic Launch coasters (such as TTD) to ensure the brake fins rise as soon as the train passes them during a launch? Are they counterweighted or...? Baring in mind if the fins didn't raise and a rollback accord there would be a...
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    If Formula Rossa was a Strata-coaster...

    ...How tall would it be? In other words, using physics from existing Strata-coasters (TTD, KK) - what height could a 149mph launch potentially reach? :)