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  1. BBH

    How do you avoid stapling?

    After a recent failed avoidance of stapling on Raging Bull, I would like to hear how people avoid getting stapled on rides, particularly B&M hypers. It's not hard on RMCs because you can sell it with your legs back, but if your feet don't reach the floor on a B&M then how do you convince them?
  2. BBH

    Skyline Attractions Announces "Strike-U-Up" Interactive Ride ... trike-u-up
  3. BBH

    Stabbing at Canada's Wonderland

    Sad news from Canada's Wonderland as a man is stabbed to death and another is critically injured in an apparent double-homicide attempt. Discuss.
  4. BBH

    Parkitect Theme Park Sim

    A few days ago, a game called Parkitect was announced on Kickstarter by Vancouver-based indie developers Texel Raptor. The game is in a similar style to RCT 1 and 2 with an isometric view, although the graphics have been (heavily) modernized and composed in almost a cartoon style. Coaster...
  5. BBH

    Dania Beach Hurricane Scheduled to Be Dismantled ... ania-beach Discuss.
  6. BBH

    31/7/2014 - SFGAm Mini-PTR

    I went to SFGAm today with a friend. We got there just about as the gates opened into the park, and we walked onto the back row of Viper. There's a good reason why it's my #2 at the park. Its airtime in the back is so intense and extreme, especially in the double-down; it's definitely something...
  7. BBH

    Coasters That Have Made Random Jumps in Your Rankings

    The horridly long title explains this topic pretty well. Which coasters have you given a second chance and have, out of nowhere, delivered immensely? (Yay adverbs) For me it's undoubtedly Whizzer at SFGAm. A ride I almost fell asleep on the first time I rode it, I gave it a second go after two...
  8. BBH

    Dive Machines/Floorless Coasters

    So I was thinking about floorless coasters and dive coasters today and some questions came across my mind. - When dispatched, is there a separate button in Automatic running mode to lower the floor, or does the dispatch button lower the floor and dispatch the train on its own? - How do...
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    Random/Misc. Interesting Facts Thread

    Have any facts that don't fit in another topic or in any specific part of the forum? Chuck 'em here. I'll get the ball rolling: B&M's sit-down coaster design has the least amount of orders from that company with five. All of the stand-ups use B&M's single vertical friction wheel, as found on...
  10. BBH

    Weirdest-Shaped Elements

    Some roller coasters contain normal elements (or sometimes new ones altogether) that have been altered in some way that they look funky or altogether wrong. What are some that you can think of? Olympia Looping's first loop comes to mind: Same with Tennessee Tornado:
  11. BBH

    Shameless +1 at Zoomers Amusement Park in Fort Myers, FL

    It's spring break, and on my way to Ft. Myers Beach, I spotted a roadside cred, began having a goongasm, and begged my helpless mother to take me to the dump on the way back from the beach. She agreed, and at roughly 3 o'clock on Tuesday afternoon, I found myself in the middle of the (5 person)...
  12. BBH

    BBH's NL2 Development Thread - Time for a Renewal

    New software, new thread, why not? My first complete large ride? A wooden coaster. Aww, it's so cute... Oh, my... Oh, yes... And a dive loop to top it off!!! More information will be made available as soon as I finish the support structure.
  13. BBH

    Favorite Coaster Pictures/Photogenic Coasters

    While we all love to ride roller coasters, looking at them can be just as breathtaking. What are some of your favorite coaster photographs or coasters to photograph? This one picture of Outlaw Run on RCDB... damn.
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    Mitch Hawker 2013 Steel Poll

    Helper ballot can be found up and running at
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    Coasters that you'd love to experience backward

    Reversing the direction of a train on a roller coaster can add a new dimension to the ride. (Nudges X2 as rimshot plays.) It's been a hugely successful endeavor with coasters like American Eagle, Batman: the Ride, and Mindbender (Edmonton Mall), and The Swarm. Here, post some coasters that...
  16. BBH

    Rate the Top Ten of the Poster Above You

    Fairly simple topic. Simply give the top ten coaster rating of the person above you a rating and say what you would personally switch around based on your ride experience or ride testimonials that you've previously heard. If you don't have your top 10 in your signature, then simply post it in...
  17. BBH

    Strangest Coaster Layouts

    Some can be called visionary, some called better than sex, and others just plain weird. Which coaster layouts are the weirdest in your opinion? These Pax monstrosities look like they were created by someone on meth.
  18. BBH

    Kumba v. Wildfire

    Kumba was one of the first B&M coasters built and is often considered to be one of the best ever created. Located at Busch Gardens Tampa on the Floridian peninsula, the ride, whose name means "roar" in the Swahili language of Africa, is renowned for being intense, action-packed, and packed to...
  19. BBH

    What is it about Hydra?

    Hydra: The Revenge at Dorney Park seems to get a bad rap from the enthusiast lot, and I've never quite understood why. It has an interesting layout with unique shaping and a one-of-a-kind first element. Of course, I've never ridden it myself and can't testify to the ride experience itself, but...
  20. BBH

    Favorite and least favorite manufacturer

    I've done a similar thread with coasters from each company, but here let's rate them on the design firms overall. Favorite: B&M - Crazy consistency, always a smooth ride, and unbelievably comfortable seats/restraints. Least Favorite: Any Chinese knockoff company, like Beijing Shibaolai or...