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    New (temporary, hired) flat rides for Alton Towers

    Another bit of news I've seen floating around is Alton Towers potentially bringing in some travelling flat rides to boost their offering. Heide Park brought in a travelling ghost train last season so it isn't completely unreasonable. Perhaps this is to compensate for the period when indoor rides...
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    Future developments at Dollywood

    ACE have had an online event today which featured a range of industry speakers, thanks to twitter I've picked up a few notable bits of news from it, mostly from @seanbm1976 who has been reporting on it. ( Some items of note: Working title for Quimera is...
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    SFFT Next Capital

    Copy of this post from the Dollywood thread to provide some context to the Six Flags discussion. Hixee ACE have had an online event today which featured a range of industry speakers, thanks to twitter I've picked up a few notable bits of news from it, mostly from @seanbm1976 who has been...
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    Deno's Wonder Wheel Park | Phoenix | Vekoma Suspended coaster | 2021

    Did not see this coming at all! "Deno’s was never able to open in 2020 and celebrate the 100th anniversary of its famed Wonder Wheel...
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    GCI Titan Track Conversion

    Edit: moved to it's own topic (Does this make it a new cred?)
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    Mopping up UK credits- Great Yarmouth, PWH, Oakwood, Brean, West Midlands and more

    Various other combinations of people have been doing some weekend up cred mopping trips so I thought I'd start a thread that people can contribute to! The server keeps giving me errors with the photos so that's why they're smaller than they could be. First up Great Yarmouth! Tubs is fab! So...
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    Baga-waerde (Bagatelle, Dennlys and Bellewaerde)

    Once parks started to re-open Fi, Chainedbanana and I decided that rather than join everyone else in heading to Towers or Blackpool we'd make a shorter journey. To France. Yep, that's right, France is closer! So we took the eurotunnel under the sea (covid restrictions mean you can't get out in...
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    Midwest USA/Canada Park thoughts

    Bit delayed but here are my thoughts on some of the Midwest/Canadian parks that I did this summer. Will probably write it in sections as there are quite a few parks to cover. Canada's Wonderland was the first park but visited again at the end of the trip so will review at the end. Michigan's...
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    Quimera accident, La Feria Chapultepec closure, Montana Russa removal, etc.

    Rumours are two people have died and two more injured in a serious accident in Mexico on Quimera (formerly Magnum Force) at La Feria Chapultepec. UPDATED INFO: Videos have surfaced online showing that the back car came off the track and then fishtailed along behind the rest of the train, before...
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    2 Incidents at Movieland Park in one day

    I was expecting there to be a thread on this already but apparently not so here it is. Apparently in the same day two incidents took place. One of the boats in the speedboat ride (manually driven by "stuntmen") capsized and part of the monorail collapsed. Apparently everyone in the boat was ok...
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    Your top transportation rides

    Ok so nobody ever talks about this but I always joke about how peoplemover is one of the best Disney rides and there are some great cable cars around. I know not everyone does these kind of rides but for those who do which are your favourite to chill out on in-between creds? Here are my first...
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    Teststrecke for sale?

    Wasn't sure whether this had been reported before but after the Zaturn link in the other thread I noticed this was for sale. Pretty sure it's Teststrecke, just a photo of it as Laser at Dorney as it seems to be a unique model. I...
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    Fire at Bakken

    Not much info atm, apparently it is confined to a restaurant and fire fighters are on the scene. The park was evacuated and nobody is known to be injured. Everything is quite compact at the park so it will be quite a feat if the manage to keep...
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    The Winter Wonderland 2018 Thread

    So there is a new coaster card payment thing for this year. "There is a minimum of £30 pre-payment when you first order the card but as it’s Christmas, we are giving you an extra £5 bonus on your initial purchase to enjoy even more...
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    East Coast USA Roadtrip! incl. BGW, KD, KI, CP plus more.|June 2018

    So, as some of you know already Daviddoc and I did a roadtrip in June (around the time lots of others ont he forum were doing similar kind of trips) around the east coast of america. We covered a pretty big area (2500+k miles) and I gained 137 new creds as I hadn't done anything that we did...
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    Madrid creds in a day!

    So, daviddoc and I decided that because we now had the slagharen pass we would go to madrid next because both parks and two zoos had free admission with the pass. We had been waiting for the parks to properly open for ages and then finally booked when it suited our rotas only to find that the...
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    The Netherlands in April

    Quick one here because I have a bit of a backlog but wanted to put in my thoughts about mine and Daviddoc's holland trip back in April. First day we did Duinrell. I wasn't sure which of the two Amsterdam parks to do but I had read (probably on here) that Duinrell was the nicer of the two. This...
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    Coaster Road Trip Essentials

    So I'm going to be embarking on my first "big" US road trip in a couple of weeks and I've been pondering on the essential items to bring. I've done european ones before but nothing on this scale. I know quite a few others here have big US road trips imminent as well. So, well travelled CFers...
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    Park you didn't expect to want to revisit

    Ok, so some of the big parks you know you'll probably enjoy and could do multiple days there and enjoy yourself. But what about smaller parks you though you were doing maybe just for the cred or just for a random additional day that you then ended up loving? Which smaller, lesser-known parks...
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    Six Flags Season Passes and Parking

    Do the season pass "parking passes" include parking at other non-home parks. It looks like they might but it isn't 100% clear in the fine print. Anyone got one for this year and used it at multiple parks? Sent from my Moto G (4) using Tapatalk