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  1. TilenB

    Gyeongnam Robot Land | South Korea | Theme Park

    Speaking of South Korea, @Pokemaniac, this place opened in September 2019.
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    Hall Of Shame - Types Of Rides That Deserve To Be Inducted

    I guess tearing down 3,5km of roller coaster track is quite a big expense on its own as well, so it'll just continue to rot until they decide to use the land for something else.
  3. TilenB

    Ferrari World Abu Dhabi | Mission Ferrari | Dynamic Attractions | ??!?

    Flying Turns in Knoebels. Though if this doesn't open by the end of the year, then it's going to take the cake, I believe.
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    CoasterForce’s Favourite Florida Rollercoasters

    Well, Florida is very much an untapped territory for me, as I only visited one park more than 10 years ago, but at least that one park had some good rides in it. 1. Kumba 2. Sheikra 3. Scorpion 4. Gwazi (Lion - didn't do Tiger, wasn't counting creds at the time yet)
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    New rides @ small parks

    It appears that Raptor Attack is getting relocated to Cotaland, a small amusement park next to the F1 circuit in Austin, Texas.
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    The Paste Game
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    Kiev Respublika | Unknown | Vekoma family coaster

    And it has come back to life
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    Chinese knock-off coasters in United States?

    I'm just gonna leave this here and hopefully it can entertain you for the rest of the weekend.
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    CoasterForce’s favourite German rollercoasters

    Germany is the country where I've ridden the most coasters with 55 (17,9% of my total count) and is also featured a lot in my top 50, so my top 10 German coasters are probably the most relevant country top 10 list that I could make! I'm still missing a few of the main parks (most notably Heide...
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    Huge New Expansion For Ocean Park Hong Kong

    It appears that Dragon is already on its way out. The ride has also been removed from the park's website and isn't listed on the park map anymore either. While it wasn't the best ride out there, I'm still sad to see it go as it was pretty unique with its odd pacing and fairly photogenic due to...
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    Your Top 10 coasters that you've ridden the least

    I've been keeping track of the number of all my rides for League of Goons (so everything post 2014 is accurate) and even before that I feel that my numbers are fairly spot on, considering going to a theme park was a somewhat special occasion when I was a kid. There's only one or two visists to...
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    20 Years of CF: Tat Giveaway #4 - Looking to the future

    Considering how awful 2021 has been for me so far, it's a bit hard to really be optimistic about any future trips at the moment, but I really hope that if I do get to travel anywhere that I'll finally manage to ride my first RMC (either Zadra or Untamed).
  13. TilenB

    Lost Island Theme Park | Unknown | Kanonen relocation | 2022

    They were still running great in 2017. And I believe they were added a few years before T3 got its new trains, so I'm not exactly sure how that one ended up being so much worse. I guess a lot still depends on the general condition of the track and there are some SLCs that are beyond salvation...
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    Fantasy Island (UK) | Spinning Racer | Maurer Spinning Coaster | 2021

    Looks like the old Spinning Racer that used to tour Germany. I read somewhere that it was bought by Mellors before the 2020 season, but I don't think it ever toured with them, considering how awful this time is for travelling funfairs. I rode the thing in Stuttgart back in 2015 and it was...
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    Notable Losses Since 2001

    Good list, though I feel that there are some coasters/parks that would deserve at least an honorable mention here or there. 2001: Spreepark in Berlin - a park that is now far more famous being abandoned and derelict was once the only park in Berlin. Closed down in 2001 due to owner Norbert...
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    Your top 10 coasters in your home country/state

    @Matt N, I get what you meant, it's just that I don't have any theme parks in my country, so I'm dreading to go another year without riding any coasters. Though if the world is at least somewhat normal, it won't be that hard for me to travel abroad (I can't see say Croatia closing their borders...
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    Your top 10 coasters in your home country/state

    Please, just kill me now
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    20 Years of CF: Tat Giveaway #1 - Batman...Forever

    I joined the forums in late 2011, when I was still pretty fresh from a trip to California with my dad. Six Flags Magic Mountain really properly got me into coasters, so I spent hours drawing up random rides in No Limits and browsing through POVs on YouTube. One of the channels that had the...
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    Luna Park Sydney | New Area & Park Overhaul | 2021

    L&T went out of bussiness in 2009 and Preston&Barbieri bought the drawings and patents for their rides, so that ride model is essentially the same thing, just with a different logo on it.
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    World's Loudest Coaster?

    Sort of surprised that nobody has mentioned the Intamin Reverse Freefall model. Both of those are (well, partly were now) in their own league of loudness...