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  1. spicy

    Your longest theme park hiatus?

    As the 2019 season draws to a close I was thinking, damn I am in serious need of a rollercoaster fix but with no overseas theme park trips coming up anytime soon I guess Olympia Looping will do until March and the 2020 season starts. Then it got me thinking, I haven’t visited a theme park since...
  2. spicy

    The Walt Disney Company buyout Disneyland Paris

    Today TWDC completed the takeover of DLP taking their share total to 97.08% with a mandatory buyout procedure to follow taking it to 100% ownership. Great news...
  3. spicy

    Oblivion seat belt fail

    Don't know if this is really old and everyone's already seen it but her reaction when she realises her seatbelt has come undone in hilarious, like she genuinely believes she almost just died :lol: enjoy... ... watch-vrec
  4. spicy

    Pensioners spend £60K riding coasters across the World

    Just read this article: ... world.html Good luck to them! What a great way to spend retirement.
  5. spicy

    Which 2012 Coaster are you looking forward to most?

    Time for this annual topic! 2012 has to be one of the best years for enthusiasts in a long time, with some really great new additions being built. Europe is especially being treated this year to three new B&M's all different types :) I have created a poll of which I think will be the most...
  6. spicy

    Prototypes and R&D costs.

    Do the Parks that install the prototype coaster contribute to the research and development costs? So, using Air as an example, Air was in development for quite some time. Did Alton have to contribute to B&M's research and development costs in developing their flying coaster? If they did...
  7. spicy

    9/11 EDL & Muslim Extremists

    Opening a can of worms here but here we go.. Today I saw on the news something that completely disgusted me was that a group of muslims calling themselves 'Muslims Against the Crusades' were burning the US flag and the Union Jack outside the US embassy in London on the 10th aniversary of 9/11...
  8. spicy

    Do you keep in touch with your Ex?

    Do you keep in touch with your Ex girlfriends/boyfriends? Or is it awkward when you see them, you kind of don't know whether to say hello, or blank them or whatever! :lol: Just thought of this poll because I bumped into my ex girlfriend in the pub and really didn't want to say hello to her so...
  9. spicy

    Saw Stalls

    Just see the news on CF front page that Saw stalled on the first overbank, but from the picture I just thought how the hell did it stall like that?! It makes no sense unless the wheels some how jammed..?
  10. spicy

    DLP to add Jack Sparrow animatronic to PoTC ... ng-at.html They are adding Jack as part of the 20th birthday celebration. Complete with 'waterfall' and either Barbossa or Blackbeard on the ship. I am kind of glad they are adding it although I kind of liked the fact that DLP still had the original...
  11. spicy

    Online Merlin ticket sales

    Does anyone know the percentage of total tickets sold online for the UK Merlin parks? Or can anyone point me in the direction of an article that has this kind of information.. Might be a shot in the dark but I need the figures of online ticket sales and can't find the information I need...
  12. spicy


    I thought I better do my Business to Business marketing seminar work and to my delight it was on Vekoma. :) Anyway I thought I would scan in the case study on Vekoma as its quite a short interesting read which I thought might be of interest to a few people on here.. Part 1...
  13. spicy

    Las Vegas Coasters.

    Hey everyone. I'm asking if anyone has, knows of, or can create me a list of every rollercoaster in Las Vegas and the location of the coaster. I have an idea but I think I've missed a few and I can't find a list of every LV coaster anywhere. Much appreciated!
  14. spicy

    URGENT Best Catering? Six Flags, Merlin, Disney

    Hey guys! Im doing a statistical report comparing stats between Six Flags, Merlin and Disney. Can you tell me which company you think does the best food in its parks? And please vote because I need the stats in my report. Thanks everyone! And if theres already a similar topic somewhere...
  15. spicy

    Thorpe Park- How would you have done it?

    Cast your mind back 10 years ago to 1999, Tussauds just purchased Thorpe Park. A park with hardly any planning issues just a 100ft ceiling limit and a budget of about £150 Million to transform the park into the thrill capital of London. The park you just purchased looks like this- We...
  16. spicy

    Worlds longest basketball shot- Real or Fake? ... shot-real/ Personally I would like to think its real, but I dunno really, would be on helluva shot! So what d'ya think?
  17. spicy

    Salvia- Should it be illegal?

    Do you think Salvia should be made illegal? Its perfectly legal yet a quick search on Youtube shows you the effects that it has when it is smoked. ... type=&aq=f The effects don't last long yet they are considering making it illegal in the UK. And...
  18. spicy

    Man Skates down Mammut at Tripsdrill! ... aster.html How insane does that look!
  19. spicy

    Acid Leak at Chessington forces ride to close

    In todays Sun it reported in a very small article that an acid leak forced rides to close, anyone know more?
  20. spicy

    What Parks do you know like the back of your hand?

    What parks do you know inside out? You don't need a park map you know where every ride, shop, toilet etc. is. You know where absolutely everything is! You get the idea :wink: Parks I know inside out are: Chessie Thorpe Alton Disneyland Park Paris Walt Disney Studio Park Paris...