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  1. Tomatron

    Space World's new ice skating rink koi-ses controversy

    Some people ray-sed concerns that it was cruel. So it will be re-plaiced.
  2. Tomatron

    Ferrari signs deal to build theme park in China ... China.html Ferrari announced Thursday that it had signed a memorandum of understanding with two Chinese companies to build a theme park in China. The non-binding deal with Beijing Automotive and Biac Eternaland Property will, if implemented, see the...
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    Arrow ACE Documentary

    Haven't seen a topic for this yet. ACE recently put out a documentary about the history of Arrow, which is quite an interesting watch. It charts their early years including their work with Disneyland, through the days of their dominance in the coaster industry, and up to their downfall and...
  4. Tomatron

    Alpine Coaster for Snowdonia in 2016

    Surprised no one has posted this yet. Whilst not being the first Alpine Coaster (Stoke Ski Centre had one about 10 years ago) it sounds like the first significant one. If it's anything like the Hasenhorn one, it'll be great as long as some old git doesn't video the whole thing at 3 miles per...
  5. Tomatron

    Theme Park Theme Music

    I've always liked the idea of a theme park having it's own theme music or theme song as you enter the park to get across the notion that you are going away from the drudgery of the real world, and to forge some idenitity of where you are. Simple topic - post your faves. Here's a few that you...
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    Creds from your Year of Birth

    Looking back through RCDB the other day, I've found that only 42 creds opened in 1984, my year of birth. Not a standout year for coasters, but I've ridden 9 of them. 88 Train - Children's Grand Park Boomerang - Bellewaerde Camelback Jetcoaster - Himeji Central Park Caterpillar Capers - Camelot...
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    Dutch Credding - Part 4: Slag whoring and other whoring

    So earlier this year, I got out of debt for the first time in about 8 years, so I could afford to finally treat myself to some European cred visits. Because I work shifts, it's a bit of a logistical battle to find the time to go away, and go away somewhere when there are theme parks open. So...
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    Ian Watkins Pleads Guilty

    Hadn't found a topic for this, but I believes it deserves one of it's own current importance. In case you've been living under a rock, Ian Watkins, the signer of Lostprophets (NOT the singer from Steps) has pleaded guilty to several counts of serious sex offences. It's never nice hearing about...
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    Recently, I've noticed my hangovers from a night out taking longer to get rid of themselves, a clear sign that I'm getting older and I'm not fit enough. Last hangover lasted nearly a full 24 hours before I was back on level ground.
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    Aimed at the guys and girls who like girls. No moobs. There's something about a stunning pair of legs that really floats my boat (they usually go with a decent derriere as well).
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    Theme Park History on your Birthday

    Anyone here got a special theme park related event (good or bad) which happened on the same day as their birthday? (Not "i rode diz ride on my birfday and woz da bomb") ;) My birthday is June 26th. On this day in 1927, Coney Island Cyclone opened for the first time.
  12. Tomatron

    Maurer Sohne X-Car service notice

    Find this quite a interesting read. ... Action.pdf In short, it says that Maurer Sohne have found a potential fault with the coupling bar. All X-Car/Sky Loop coasters which have double car trains need to have something called ultrasonic testing and...
  13. Tomatron

    Halloween in Holland

    Last weekend, Jordan and I went on a quick hop over the channel to visit Walibi World and Toverland. The weekend started at 3am at my aunt's house in North London, where I was staying for the night before our early morning flight. Those of you you did the CF-Euro live will appreciate the...
  14. Tomatron

    Getting Ink Done

    Sorry if the pics are a little ****ty, my camera ain't playing ball so I took the following snaps off my phone. As a few of you know, I'm pretty intent on getting a substantial amount of my body tattooed, and today I was gonna get a new piece added to add to the first one I got a good few...
  15. Tomatron

    Wilde Maus at Hamburgerdom

    Went on this Maurer Sohne Wild Mouse about a week ago at Hamburg Sommerdom. My question is, which showman/company owns it? I'm pretty sure it's not Oscar Bruch or Rudolf Barth, so any help would be appreciated muchly.
  16. Tomatron

    Photo TR: Tomatron's view of the TPR 2009 Scandi Trip

    ...Here we go again! Now for those of you who know me well know a couple of things: I'm awful at actually getting these things done, so PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE PESTER ME UNTIL THIS IS FINISHED! That way I might actually complete it. Also, since my brilliant/disastrous fence jump at Lagunasia in...
  17. Tomatron

    OMG!!!!!! Itz my 600 credit!!!!! LOLOLOL!!!11

    Right, this is a lesson in getting a truely awesome coaster for a big milestone. Listen up goons... There's a local pikey funfair near my house with 2 awesome credits, so I'm gonna be a goon and get my 600th coaster later. I can't decide between the Crazy Chase or the Dragon...
  18. Tomatron

    Google Street View

    OK, so it went live the other night, and it's the most awesomely terrifying thing I've seen so far this year! Not every street is on there, but it's only a matter of time before they all are! So far I've found my house, where I work and the entrance to Thorpe Park.
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    Camelot Theme Park Goes Into Receivership ... 868241.stm
  20. Tomatron

    Knoebels | Flying Turns | In house construction

    The resurrection of a classic!