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  1. Sandman

    Theme Park Anagrams

    Been doing something similar with films with a couple of friends and thought a theme park version would be fun! So, here's 3 coaster anagrams; all European coasters. Can you name all 3? ? 1. SAFER IN JAW 2. TOSS EXPOSER 3. DRUDGERY UNSPOKEN Bonus points if you know what links all 3!
  2. Sandman

    Unsure creds

    Anyone else have that problem where you aren't quite sure if you've been on a particular coaster or not? I've got a couple of examples of my own, but the one that bugs me most of all is The Gauntlet at Camelot. I used to visit Camelot fairly often as a kid, and I have lots of vivid memories of...
  3. Sandman

    BPB Opening Day 2019

    Hi guys, I'll keep it brief. Hadn’t been to the park since March 2017, at which point Icon was merely a muddy pit on the former Tom Sawyer bridge site with no name or brand. Since I was back up north to see the family I figured it was only fair to give the place a visit, even though I knew it’d...
  4. Sandman

    A Series of Unfortunate Delays - Europa Park/Tripsdrill September 2018

    Well, it’s been a busy few months for me but I’ve finally managed to sit down with a cuppa and make some progress on this report. Only 4 months delayed, but hopefully that will give it some maturity, much like a fine wine. In case you missed the rather obvious title, this trip took place in...
  5. Sandman

    Sandman goes Stateside

    So about 5 weeks ago I finally got my first taste of the US with a trip to NYC. This wasn’t really a coaster orientated trip as we were celebrating my other half graduating. Luckily we agreed to spend a day at both Six Flags Great Adventure and Coney Island to ease my cred withdrawals. We flew...
  6. Sandman

    The Boxing/Combat Sports Thread

    Unsure if this thread will really go anywhere, but worth a shot nevertheless. Any boxing/combat sport fans around? Just noticed that Anthony Joshua vs Alexander Povetkin has been announced for Wembley in September, so very much looking forward to that battle. Loads of big fights due to be made...
  7. Sandman

    Theme park moments that gave you goosebumps

    The title says it all really... Perhaps for you it was a coaster experience or merely the sight of a coaster you have worshipped for a long time. A memorable goosebump moment for me was the lead up to my first proper night ride on Taron. The first 20 seconds of this track played loud and...
  8. Sandman

    Best park for flat rides?

    Although coasters tend to steal the spotlight at most major theme parks, flat rides are always a nice little bonus. Look at Alton Towers for example. A big, reputable park with very little on offer in terms of flat rides. It's a shame that flats can be quite overlooked nowadays, with many parks...
  9. Sandman

    Best Spinner Manufacturer

    Each manufacturer seems to produce quite a different style of spinning coaster. It'd be interesting to see which type people prefer best. So, which is it? Let's base this on quality not quantity, since Intamin isn't that notable for this coaster type, but perhaps some people prefer their limited...
  10. Sandman

    RCT3 - Blackpool Pleasure Beach

    Since my computer can't handle the greatness of Planet Coaster, I've recently decided to spend a bit of time on an old project - a recreation of Blackpool Pleasure Beach. Seen a few attempts on YouTube etc, but don't think anyone has managed to overcome many of the limits of RCT3. I've not done...
  11. Sandman

    Best Introductory Coasters

    I expect I'm not alone on this. Occasionally I'll find myself persuading non-goon friends to come and visit some new parks with me. There's something really great about getting your friends on rides you love just so you can gauge their reactions. This got me thinking about which coasters I would...
  12. Sandman

    Park of the Living Dead

    Simple proposition for this thread. If you could make a theme park with only defunct rides, what would they be? This can include all matter of rides from coasters to dark rides and water rides etc. Let's see what nightmarish Frankenstein parks people dream up ;)
  13. Sandman

    Other weird enthusiasms & interests

    So recently I spent a while on YouTube clicking from one odd video to another, as you do. At one point I found a YouTuber who dedicates his time to visiting/experiencing different elevators. Thought it was quite odd but interesting to know that it's a thing. Do you know of any other weird...
  14. Sandman

    Memorable TV Ads

    I think someone did a Christmas ad topic around this time last year, so let's try one of memorable TV ads in general. This one was pretty big in the UK back in the day Another that springs to mind This one is probably one of the best though There are loads I can think of. It's pretty...
  15. Sandman

    Best coaster throughput?

    I haven't seen it specifically mentioned anywhere before but does anybody know which coaster(s) out there has the highest throughput? *Meant to post in Q&A Moved to Q&A -GWAS
  16. Sandman

    Another damn Euro trip report - Part 3 (Phantasialand)

    I was initially going to paste Howie’s trip report and change a few words, but I didn’t want a lawsuit on my hands. Basically, Howie had previously planned to hit Efteling, Toverland then Phantasia & Movie Park with the GF crew before rounding up the trip at Walibi Holland. I had previously...
  17. Sandman

    Theme Park Twinning

    I'm sure everybody here is aware of "twin towns" whereby two towns or cities from different provinces/states/countries partner together to promote cultural ties or form business/trade links. Well, I was deep in thought the other night about which theme parks I would twin together from different...
  18. Sandman

    Theme Park Tier List - 2017

    Simple idea inspired by various tier lists I have seen across Facebook. Thought it'd be good to try it with theme parks although I imagine something similar has already been done. Could be fun to do this annually to see how parks shift up and down people's lists depending on investments and...
  19. Sandman

    Underrated Family Coasters

    Let's talk about some underrated family coasters. I reckon there's probably quite a lot of solid family coasters that are overlooked amongst enthusiasts because of the abundance of major thrill coasters that have been built in the last decade. We now have many 'big' family coasters that...
  20. Sandman

    Non-goon friends & family's favourite coasters

    Ever go to a park with a good friend or family member and they end up preferring the trashiest coaster there? Let's here about those moments! Or, maybe some of your non-enthusiast friends actually have an acquired taste in coasters. Either way, it would be interesting to see which coasters these...