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  1. FistedColossus

    Walibi Holland - Community Day

    Sorry for the recent trip report overload, I'll try and keep this one short. Walibi recently announced that 14/9 was their nerd event - community day. Which just happened to fall on the exact date I had booked a couple of months back! I found this out by pure chances from seeing someone mention...
  2. FistedColossus

    USAirtime - Day 11/12: Chicago & SFGaM

    I'll be sharing day by day trip reports from my recent adventure across the pond. It was a relatively short visit, but the priority was to visit the best of the best parks along our route, favouring quality over quantity. We love the US, but have only visited Florida previously so it was great...
  3. FistedColossus

    The GOAT Inversion

    What's the Greatest Of All Time inversion? What's the Lionel Messi/LeBron James of coaster inversions? :emoji_goat: I'm just heading back from Europa and forgot just how crazy that last inversion is on Blue Fire. It feels like being grabbed by the feet by a giant and spun round like a hammer...