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  1. CrashCoaster

    Toverland's Expansion Plan

    Well this is interesting, Toverland have announced they are starting negotiations to prepare for their next 20 years of their expansion plans:- Can't wait to see what rides and coasters will be down the pipeline, and what the areas will be themed to. Port Laguna was obviously designed with a...
  2. CrashCoaster

    How does being tired/inebriated affect your judgement of pacing?

    Ok so this is an interesting, but weird correlation I've made recently. I've watched many many coaster POVs, and something I've noticed recently is that if I watch a POV of a coaster in the middle of the day, then re-watch the same POV before I go to sleep and/or if I am inebriated, the coaster...
  3. CrashCoaster

    Fantasy Island (UK) | Spinning Racer | Maurer Spinning Coaster | 2021

    Fantasy Island are receiving the "Spinning Racer" Maurer Spinner for 2021! Looking forward to this, since Whirlwind departed! I really hope it ends up being a permanent attraction. I wonder if this means Ice Mountain is leaving.
  4. CrashCoaster

    Change one word game #2.

    So I was looking back through some old threads in here and I came across one that had some hilarious replies, so I thought I'd bring it back to life with a new sentence to start, rather than bump a 10-year-old thread. Here's the original thread:-...
  5. CrashCoaster

    Drayton Manor on Fire

    Oh ****:- Hope everyone is ok. Based on the fact the houses closest to the park are in direct line of site of the fire, the fire is likely in a building close to the park border. EDIT:- Just come out in news that the fire started in a...
  6. CrashCoaster

    Zip World Tower | Tower Coaster | Wiegand CoasterKart | 2021

    Seems like the new Zip World site in South Wales could be getting the second Wiegand CoasterKart (not the same place that has Fforest Coaster):- "Zip World Tower will be home to 2 shiny new adventures; Zip World...
  7. CrashCoaster

    Warner Bros Movie World to Remove Arkham Asylum

    Came across this, and there is a whole discussion about it on the Parkz forum:- Seems like all the theming for the ride is being removed, which is rumoured to be followed by the SLC itself. My question is what would they...
  8. CrashCoaster

    Energylandia | Choco Chip Creek | Vekoma Minetrain | 2021

    Ok so the ride is actually going up now, so I thought it should have its own construction thread. And... A crane has fallen onto the track. Well lol and RIP.
  9. CrashCoaster

    Six Flags to close 15 rides in the chain after 2020

    So are we gonna place bets? The first rides that come to mind are the SBNO coasters at La Ronde. 15 is quite a lot of rides, they really mustn't be coping with Covid too well if they need to get rid of rides to sell or remove to reduce maintenance costs.
  10. CrashCoaster

    How are S&S Free spins Evacuated?

    Hi, I watched some videos of some free spins and I wondered how they were evacuated if they got stuck on the lift hill. Because they feature anti-rollback teeth instead of magnetic fins meaning the cars can't lower back down, and there doesn't seem to be an emergency elevator like on Gerstlauer...
  11. CrashCoaster

    Tron's Onride Spiel

    Hi everyone. Because TRON is coming to Magic Kingdom, I just wondered if anyone could work out what the Chinese on-ride spiel translates to, just so we can get an idea of what the English language version of the ride will be like. I couldn't find any info on the internet about the spiel, so I...
  12. CrashCoaster

    What Is Your Dream Vehicle?

    I have to admit, I really like cars and automobiles, so I thought I'd ask the following questions. What car/vehicle do you currently own? What is your dream car/vehicle that you are likely to actually get in your life, and what is your absolute fantasy dream car/vehicle? For me personally, I'm...
  13. CrashCoaster

    Next European Park to get a B&M

    As of when I post this thread, there is currently only one B&M coaster under construction in Europe, being Gröna Lund's new Invert which will open next year. This will be three years since the company last opened coasters in the continent (Fēnix and Valkyria). Bearing in mind the Coronavirus...
  14. CrashCoaster

    Hotgo Dreamworld | Unknown | S&S Steeplechase

    Looks like S&S has (finally) sold one of their Steeplechases, and what better place to put it than in China and theme it to Unicorns! Although having said that is this not the park that has been virtually abandoned in construction? Something tells me this concept art might be outdated.
  15. CrashCoaster

    Fatal Accident at Parc Saint Paul

    A 32 year-old woman has sadly died after falling from Formule 1 at Parc Saint Paul, while the ride was in motion:- Thoughts and prayers go to her family. Tragic when anything like this...
  16. CrashCoaster

    Most Unlikely Coasters/Rides for Parks

    So the idea for this topic is simple. Name a park, and state what you think is the most ridiculously outrageous and unlikely attraction they would add in the future. It can be any ride type, not just coasters. Key points - the ride model you state must have been built at least once, and are...
  17. CrashCoaster

    Correct way to pronounce "Candymonium"

    Just thought I'd make this out of morbid curiosity to see people's opinions here. I pronounce it "Can-da-monium", but I imagine this topic will divide opinion.
  18. CrashCoaster

    M&D's Theme Park goes into Administration

    Bet we'll see more threads of a similar title over the coming months.
  19. CrashCoaster

    Future of Portaventura World

    So this park is arguably one of the best theme park resorts in Europe due to ride line up, scenery, hotels, etc. Although the future of this resort seems to be kind of unknown. What do you think the park will do in the next few years, and into future? What rides do you think we will see, and...
  20. CrashCoaster

    Wild Water West in South Dakota | Unknown | RMC Raptor| 2021

    @Kw6sTheater sent me this:- Start from page 18 for coaster info. Certainly wasn't expecting this! We could be seeing another Raptor coming to the world, and it seems like we could be seeing 3 next...