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  1. D1993


    I was wanting to make a trip to Kings Doninion and I was wondering if anyone knows what the crowds will be like this weekend? 28th and on. I thought it may be busy because it's a weekend. Ive also asked numerous questions about crowds at different parks, so I thought maybe we could leave this...
  2. D1993

    SF Great Adventure Crowds

    Hey guys ... I'm going to be flying to the states in April before I start work at Cedar Point in May, and I was really wanting to go to Great Adventure ..... SFGA is open in April on weekends and through the week from 9th-13th .... I was wondering what crowds are like during this time of the...
  3. D1993

    Fastest Wooden Roller Coaster?

    I know this may seem like a silly question, but I was wondering what the fastest wooden roller coaster in the world is. I know that it used to be son of beast (also tallest), but obviously now it isnt. I though that meant that Colossos at Heide park then became the fastest and tallest wooden...
  4. D1993

    GCI Morey's Piers 2013

    I remember hearing about this rumor a while back, and Im so glad that its actually happening now! A GCI will go in great at Morey's Piers and the layout looks really cool, as it has a tunnel under the boardwalk and also extends over to the other side.
  5. D1993

    Ice Age 4D - Alton Towers & Gardaland

    Didnt see this posted anywhere else. Could a mod please close it if its been mentioned elsewhere. Anyways, both Gardaland and Alton Towers will be getting new Ice Age 4D cinema experiences. To be honest, it seems a little strange, but maybe it will turn out good! Anyways, here are the articles...
  6. D1993

    Hersheypark GM Passes Away

    Sad to hear, my sympathies go out to his family and friends. Was it under his management that the park decided to add Skyrush? Im sure he was an excellent GM and will be remembered.
  7. D1993

    Holiday World 2012 Swing Ride

    In the latest Amusement Today edition, there was an article about the removal and paul reveres midnight ride. Also apparently Holiday World will add a 65 foot swing tower next year. not that exciting, but its news.
  8. D1993

    SF Mexico and La Ronde 2012?

    During the announcement video when the Six Flags CEO announced all the new additions for the 2012 season, he mentioned that La Ronde and Six Flags Mexico where getting exciting new additions and people should stay tuned. I headed over to the websites a couple weeks ago, but its all french and...
  9. D1993

    Dorneypark Dinosaurs Alive 2012

    I couldnt see that this had been posted anywhere else, so I went ahead and started this topic. Once again, Cedar Fair has decided to add another one of their incredibly stupid dino attractions. And this time its going in dorneypark. Thats 4 additions of DA now. And I hated the idea right from...
  10. D1993

    Wicked Twister on Beach

    Hey guys. Ive always wondered how rides like Wicked Twister are able to have structural strength when they are built right alongside the beach? Everyone knows that as little kids we sang songs about how foolish people built their house upon the sand (terrible example I know lol), but I was...
  11. D1993

    Kings Dominion Windseeker + Dinosaurs Alive

    It seems that in all the excitement of the six flags additions, Kings Dominion chose a bad time to announce their new rides. Anyways, next year KD will be getting a windseeker, which will go into the hurler section of the park. This is a really great addition and I fully support it. Its a good...
  12. D1993

    Straight, Curved or Twisty?

    I was just wanting to know what the majority of people thought about this. I was thinking about the type of drop I liked the best and how there are some different sorts. For example Goliath at SFMM, Bizarro at SFNE and SROS at SFA all have straight drops. Once it hits its steepest degree of...
  13. D1993

    Six Flags Great America 2012

    I didnt know if this thread already existed, but I couldnt find one. If there is, could a moderator either merge or delete this thread. Thanks. Anyways, with the departure of Iron Wolf, it seems that SFGAm will be getting a new ride and I checked out their facebook page and their making an...
  14. D1993

    Cedar Point Dinosaurs Alive 2012

    yes you read the title correct. I was really shocked when i read this, and not in a good way.!/cedarpoint I cannot beleive this. Its so tacky and lame and does not fit into the park in ANY way, shape or form. This is seriously kinda embarrasing and I can only LOL to...
  15. D1993

    Logging In/Out Q's

    Hey guys, I just had a quick question. As im on this website alot of the time, I find it really irritating to have to log back in every time I close the page or come back later, whatever. Are there any settings I can change my profile to, to make it stay logged in? Just wanted to know.
  16. D1993

    POV's on Youtube

    Hi all. I was just wondering the other day as I was spending a great deal of time on youtube looking at roller coaster videos and POV's (all from coasterforce) and I got to thinking ..... wow there are alot of POV's on youtube from coasterforce! does anyone know the total amount? I really think...
  17. D1993

    Need for Speed

    Hi, i am a student in Australia doing my last year of schooling. In order to complete the HSC course (which is like equivalent of the SAT's) I have to complete a major research assessment on something that i am passionate/interested about. Naturally i thought of roller coasters straight away...
  18. D1993

    Cedar Point 2012 Coaster?

    i wanted to start this thread because i wanted to know what people thought about cedar point getting a new roller coaster in 2012. While some beleive the park has an amazing line up (which it does) and that it doesnt really need a new roller coaster any time soon. Well in my opinion i really...