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    Favorite portable carnival ride

    What is your favorite portable ride (Travelling fair or carnival ride) Mine would have to be the classic starship Gravitron or the Ring of Fire
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    Park Employment

    What are the best parks to work at for full time summer employment? Especially ones that have employee housing at a respectable price (ex. Cedar Point is like 30$ a week). I was recently told I will be thrown out of my house starting memorial day weekend and I don't have anywhere to live until...
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    Most Financially Stable

    What do you think are the most financially stable theme park chains and which do you think are the most unstable major chains. also what do you think is the most stable manufacturing companies and most unstable companies. For theme park operation, I'd nominate WDC and Cedar Fair as most...
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    Most Unsafe Waterslides

    What would you determine as the most unsafe waterslides? This is my nomination. And this is my runner up
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    Kick the looper?

    What does this mean?
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    Hurricane Irene

    Post up if you were affected by Hurricane Irene and talk about your experience! Location: Bridgeport CT Storm Surge: 9 -14 feet Power Outage Percentage: 93% There was a small twister about 300 feet from my house that took out a couple trees, for some reason I still have power though. There's...
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    Rule 34

    Do you believe Rule 34 is true with no exceptions? If you don't know what Rule 34 is you are best off not knowing. But for those of you who do know, have you found any exceptions to Rule 34?
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    Overpriced Food

    What parks do you find have the most overpriced food and what solutions do you recommend to save money? Pizza at SFNE is 30$ for a two person pizza. I worked as a Pizzaman through my last year at high school and 26$ buys a 12 person Party Pizza at most places (3 slices per person for 36...
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    Suspended Coaster

    I really wanna make an arrow suspended coaster on NL but i see no models to do so with. Any ideas?
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    Longest Queue Time?

    What's the longest queue time you've had (including fastpass/flashpass) Standing in line - 3.5 hours - Bizarro at SFNE Fastpass - 7 hours - Kingda Ka at SFGadv.
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    Worst and Best Colour Scheme

    Worst paintjob is a totally different story but some rides have just awful colour schemes. Most B&M Hypers have just annoyingly rainbow colour schemes. I love the paint on Apollo because it doesn't make the ride look like it was produced in the East Village. I'd have to say Talon has the...
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    Steel Retracking

    What they did to Texas Giant was sick. Mean Streak is known to be EPIC when the trim brakes are turned off so I wonder, what If they retracked it steel and pulled the trims? Same for Ghostrider and I think Boulderdash, as sick as it is, would be badass with a steel track (i haven't rode since...
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    Worst Down Time

    What ride has the worst downtime? From my experience Id say Currently Operating: Kingda Ka and Flashback (SFNE) Ive never been able to ride Flashback because its always broken down Former: The Chiller
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    Six Flags New England Commercial

    Hey guys, I work as a male model. I get cast as an extra in commercials and I get featured in stills for local companies, however recently I was cast in a commercial for Six Flags New England. Just yesterday at SFNE our train was sent around 7 full times without loading or unloading for...
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    12 Inversion Coaster

    I found this on Intamin's site. Has anybody heard anything else about the 12 Inversion Coaster? it looks sick
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    I think I may be the only american to watch Hyperdrive, but do any of you British people ever watch that show? It was on BBC a few years back.
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    Do you like the pain?

    Do you like painful rollercoasters? I find the pain can really get my adrenaline going. I love headbangers and rough woodies and tons of ejector airtime. Mean Streak still sucks though. I really want to get some rides in on Ghostrider because I heard it was so rough. I also love a good...
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    Ejector or Floater?

    Which airtime do you prefer? Ejector or Floater? I'm goin for Ejector. I love the feeling of being violently launched into my restraint.
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    Rollercoaster Marathon

    How would I go about attempting to marathon a rollercoaster? My local theme park is Lake Compounce. In the past they have just let me stay on and ride a rollercoaster over and over (Zoomerang) 37 times before I got off the ride, Puked, and then fell asleep on a bench. How would I go about...
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    Alan Schilke

    What ever happened to Alan Schilke of Arrow? Is he with S&S now?He is very abstract in his designs (The Fishook Coaster and X) I would really love to know what ever happened to him. It would be a shame to lose him from the Industry (and I assume Ron Toomer is retired) I heard a rumour he was...