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  1. Jordanovichy

    CF-Lives 2020 | All Dates Announced!

    It's about time I got back on the CF live bandwagon... I expect to be at Flamingoland, Poland and FInland :)
  2. Jordanovichy

    Mystery Coaster Bus Tour - Germany 2019

    How have I only just seen this video? Excellent work!
  3. Jordanovichy

    Ghosterforce 2018 - Order of The Fenix

    Wait, this is tomorrow? Better find my passport. See you all at wherever we're meeting first!
  4. Jordanovichy

    Ghosterforce 2018 - Order of The Fenix

    Probably the most Sue post I've ever seen
  5. Jordanovichy

    CF Pokemon Go

    I said I'd post my code when friends went live...and I'm only a couple months late... 2670 2744 6141
  6. Jordanovichy

    Ghosterforce 2018 - Order of The Fenix

    Yes yes yes! However, I won't bother with Walibi Holland.
  7. Jordanovichy

    Hansa and Denmark July 2018

    Hansa <3 Karnan <3 A park I'd heard so much about, a coaster I had deliberately avoided (almost) everything about. The park is so beautiful, and with the sun beating down through the trees which provided a beautiful shade, it just made it feel almost magical and it has taken the place of 5th...
  8. Jordanovichy

    I'm an ex ride operator with 26 rides to my name and 4 years of experience. Ask me anything?

    What do you think has the better launch? Formula Rossa or Dodonpa? Which Asian 4D coaster is your favourite? Eejanaika or Dinoconda?
  9. Jordanovichy

    Your Intamin Count.

    I am adding: 46. DrageKongen - Djurs Sommerland 47. Juvelen - Djurs Sommerland 48. Piraten - Djurs Sommerland 48/156 is nearly 31%!
  10. Jordanovichy

    World Cup Topic 2018

    I'm at Hansa Park...hoping I can stream it, as much as I want to watch it, I really want to see Hansa Park rather than sit somewhere watching it. I have no prediction of score. Or result. I just want so much, for England to win. And please don't let it go to penalties again, my stomach...
  11. Jordanovichy

    Your Intamin Count.

    Haven't offered an update in 2 years, so here you go! New for 2018 - An Alphabetised list! Out of the 156 rollercoasters built by Intamin, I've ridden 45 (29%). 1. Altair CCW-0204 - Cinecitta World 2. American Eagle Red - Six Flags Great America 3. Avatar Airbender - Nickelodeon Universe 4...
  12. Jordanovichy

    CF Pokemon Go

    I tried playing Jurassic World Alive and got bored after 5 mins. I think this Harry Potter Go is the only one that is likely to steer me away from Pokemon Go, but I have nearly invested 2 years of my life in Pokemon Go so that seems unlikely now. Just passed the 30M xp barrier, managed another...
  13. Jordanovichy


    Omelettes are the WORST. I just can't. Probably fried eggs for me, with a runny yolk that I can turn upside down on some toast and mash that yolk around. Scrambled egg a close second, peppery goodness.
  14. Jordanovichy

    World Cup Topic 2018

    I don't do football really. But I can get excited for the World Cup. I didn't watch today's match so I'm sure my insight will be really appreciated. A BBC pundit (the name escapes me, it might have been Alan Shearer) said 'Saudi Arabia have played the worst game of World Cup Finals football...
  15. Jordanovichy

    Most Creds in a Day

    I have a list for just such a topic! 1. 17/06/2017: 16, Canada's Wonderland =2. 06/06/2017: 14, Six Flags Great America =2. 11/06/2017: 14, King's Island =4. 08/07/2015: 13, Parque Warner Madrid and Parque de Atracciones =4. 12/09/2015: 13, Parque Espana, Suzuka Circuit and Nagashima Spaland =4...
  16. Jordanovichy

    Rock & Roller Coasters: ICON BELIEVE IT! (BPB, 23rd June)

    Sorry if I've just missed the info @Ian, but is the ERT morning or evening? EDIT: Ok so I've read other posts more in-depth and it appears morning. I will do Icon + Wristband for £48 if that's the majority, but it does seem overpriced for 30 mins (with what I assume will be a large PBE group?)...
  17. Jordanovichy

    Rock & Roller Coasters: ICON BELIEVE IT! (BPB, 23rd June)

    I'll be there. Yes to ERT!
  18. Jordanovichy

    CF Lives 2018

    I'd definitely be up for a Belgium trip, I need to visit all those parks now. I'd also be up for Poland. It's definitely a case of 'ok put off until next year. it's next year and they're getting something else, let's wait until next year. It's the year after next and they're getting something...
  19. Jordanovichy

    The Staff v. User counting game!

    Is this thing still going? What's your high score? :P
  20. Jordanovichy

    How successful has your 2017 been?

    Creds: 154 Parks: Errrm, a fair few? 30 ish I think Milestones: 600th on Storm Chaser...annoyed I was only 9 short of 700th too Best new cred: The aforementioned Storm Chaser...just so ****ing goooooood <3 Worst new cred: One of the awful old Arrows in the States...actually no, the SLC at Darien...