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  1. Danzibarr

    Closed season blues

    Asides from 'get a life', does anyone have any favoured attractions that don't have a closed season? Stuff I'm already aware of are the obvious few such as Dungeons, sealife, london eye, blackpool tower/tussauds, folly farm (woo), warwick castle... Basically, student loan and lack of exams is...
  2. Danzibarr

    New Intamin travelling coaster for Spain?

    All credit goes to David Wragg for finding this information. Not many details on this, but foreign forums suggest that Bañuls Atracciones of Spain are purchasing a travelling Zac Spin from Intamin. Source 1 Source 2 Bañuls...
  3. Danzibarr

    Blackpool 2010 (video)

    I haven't done one of these in a while - here's a video 'report' of our trip to pleasure beach back at Easter! The delay was mainly due to the fact that I didn't have much decent footage to work with so kept putting it off..but here's the result anyway...
  4. Danzibarr

    The day that Thorpe was busier than I was expecting.

    Monday 13th September. If it was a friday, it'd be unlucky for some. Luckily it wasn't a friday, which meant that a trip to thorpe park could not possibly have any glitches. I don't really care about riding flat rides at theme parks, all seems a bit pointless. I do love them at fairs, but my...
  5. Danzibarr

    Flamingoland 1st September.. Some pictures!

    A bit of a lazyman's trip report here - I've done Camelot, Lightwater, Flamingoland and Adventure Island in the last 5 days and am rather tired! So here are some pics :) And finally, a baby squirrel who got...
  6. Danzibarr

    iPhone 4?!

    So, how gadgety are we? I queued from 7.30 this morning for one, and managed to get one of eight that the Carphone Warehouse had! There's a huge shortage, was talking to the (rather nice) girl on the counter [not literally on the counter], apparently carphone warehouse throughout the UK only...
  7. Danzibarr

    Anyone done Legoland and Chessington in the same day?

    I know this sounds n0000bish, and I also know that doing a two day trip will be the best option, but anyways.. Planning on doing this during this week. Will probably do Chessie first, so we can get on the rides before queues build up, then head over to Legoland and get on whatever we can...
  8. Danzibarr

    Oakwood video TR, 2nd April 2010

    In true student style, it's taken me almost 2 months to get round to editing this one! As always with Oakwood, it was a fantastic day out, hopefully shown in the clip. Let me know what you think! Dan ps.. I welcome subscribers to my youtube...
  9. Danzibarr

    The art of leaving a theme park with everything you took in

    When going into a park to ride coasters and other spinny things, we don't wanna lose phones, wallets etc. So how do you ensure you aren't gunna lose your phone as you're flying through a loop? Most of the time I rely on the weather being cold enough to wear a jacket with zip up pockets. For...
  10. Danzibarr

    The Bounce, Oakwood gets some fresh paint

    Not the most exciting news but the pictures of the scaffolding are quite impressive!
  11. Danzibarr

    Alton Towers November '09 VideoTR

    Here's my video 'report' from the last day of the season, the camera battery didn't allow me to film as much as I'd wanted, but have a watch and let me know what you think! Dan
  12. Danzibarr

    Rollercoaster/Theme park magazines

    I've been subscribed to a drum mag (rhythm) for a few years and i think it's time for a change! Was wondering if there are any good/regular coaster or park magazines anyone could recommend? I've read a few Kirmes mags, but they're more funfair stuff, which isn't a bad thing but I'm looking for...
  13. Danzibarr

    Oakwood, Video trip 'Report'

    Here's a video of my day at Oakwood back in the Easter Holidays this year. I'm not sure how much of a 'report' this is, more of a general video with added silly bits! Never thought of posting it in here until now, so here we are! 21st Century Media saw the video and used it in their pitch to...
  14. Danzibarr

    Walibi World 28/10/09

    After a 6.45am wake up with a pretty big hangover from the previous night out in Amsterdam, we hit the public transport. We had to rely on public transport for the complete journey, which consisted of bus, train, train, bus - something that you'd have no hope with in the UK. In the Netherlands...
  15. Danzibarr

    'Blacking/Whiting' out on a coaster

    Has anyone ever had this? I'm not sure of the correct terminology, just a couple of times I've had it where the coaster will get to a point with lots of G's (i.e, the carousel on Goliath at Walibi) and my eyes will fade almost to white, well just so I can't really see, for literally a second or...
  16. Danzibarr

    Annual Pass and Adrenalin Week

    I don't have an Annual Pass yet, but I plan to get one before the closed season in the hope that I'll be able to use it for a preview event for the new Alton coaster, like they did with Saw this year. So that leaves the option of going this weekend, or next week for the Adrenalin week.. So the...
  17. Danzibarr

    Amsterdam -> Walibi World

    I'm going to Amsterdam with a friend tomorrow ( :--D ), and didn't realise until today how near it was to Walibi World, well around an hour drive. Obviously I'm not taking my car over so we'll be relying on public transport from Amsterdam to Walibi World .. just wondering if anybody here has...
  18. Danzibarr

    'Stingray' Custom Invert

    I made this back in the summer when I was supposed to be revising for exams, but never got round to recording the video cos it takes so long! Anyways, here it is, see what you think - bearing in mind I don't have custom scenery and did this in one 'session'! There's a couple of pictures at...
  19. Danzibarr

    RCT3 for Mac (snow leapard)

    Just wondering if anybody has RCT3 for mac? I got a MacBook pro this weekend and really want the game, but it seems pretty hard to get hold of - found it on one website, wondering if it'll work on snow leopard? Thanks Dan