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  1. Jordanovichy

    Your favourite fizzy drink receptacle

    Following on from the Coke vs. Pepsi thread, I realised we needed a poll about what is the best way to drink your favourite fizzy beverage! Mine is draught, it's overly sweet and more refreshing I find...I love it.
  2. Jordanovichy

    China 2016: Day 4, Giant Wheel Park of Suzhou and Suzhou Amusement Land

    So, I have been meaning to get around to writing a report for this...considering I went 4 months ago, but other trips in the summer happened, then I started year 3 at uni, and then field work, and dissertation work, other assignments, and here we are, nearly December. But nevertheless, I want to...
  3. Jordanovichy

    Rio 2016

    Ahh I love the Olympics and yes, it is that time again! I wasn't hear for the Opening Ceremony but I have just caught up on it, it was fab, simple but spectacular, I loved the torch as well. Not a bad fireworks finale either! Happened to wake up at 2:30am last night so got to watch the...
  4. Jordanovichy

    Lost Kingdom at Paultons Park!

    Today Paultons Park showed off their new area, Lost Kingdom in a media day event. I hadn't visited Paultons since 2007 (pre my enthuuuuuuusiast days) so I was excited to revisit the park! On arriving it felt quite busy, I was glad we would have exclusive access to the area! We collected our name...
  5. Jordanovichy

    Favourite Disney Song

    Pretty self explanatory title, what is your favourite Disney song? Be it in an animated classic or a live action film, what is yours? It is such a hard question to answer though...I'd probably have to say Be Prepared from Lion King...but Be Our Guest from Beauty and the Beast and Love is an...
  6. Jordanovichy

    Notable Deaths 2016

    Natalie Cole, Nat King Cole's daughter, has died aged 65.
  7. Jordanovichy

    How many different number 1s have you had?

    I'm sure we've had this topic before but I couldn't find it so probably worth a new thread. Simple question, when looking at your top coasters, how many number ones have you had? For sake of easiness I'm only going to bother looking back to when I started this hobby otherwise I'd have to...
  8. Jordanovichy

    Quick trip to Wicksteed

    I had one free day left between now and going to Japan on Friday so I thought I'd fill it with getting creds at my nearest park, Wicksteed Park. Despite being the closest, geographically, to my parent's in Cambridge I'd just never visited so I asked my Dad, like a true 10 year old, to drive me...
  9. Jordanovichy

    Not so Vekoma Spited in the East

    As those of who that have read my report from travelling in the east 2 weeks ago that the two Vekomas in the area, Wipeout and Odyssey spited. Stone Cold needed the new cred at Gt. Yarmouth Pleasure Beach and Miner Mike so asked if I wanted to come along in the hope I could mop up these last two...
  10. Jordanovichy

    Vekoma Spited in the East: Part Two, Norfolk and Suffolk

    A couple of weekends ago a few of us decided to mop up the creds in Lincolnshire (Dune's Leisure & Fantasy Island) and Norfolk (Hunstanton, Yarmouth, Pleasurewood Hills) with a few places in between. For me, the weekend promised a pretty 10 creds so I was up for it, I really wanted to finally...
  11. Jordanovichy

    How many capital cities have you been to?

    I was thinking earlier today about capital cities, and how embarrassingly few I've been to...despite having been to 14 countries I've only been to 3 capitals. London, capital of England. Valletta, capital of Malta. Madrid, capital of Spain. I should double this by the end of the year though so...
  12. Jordanovichy

    Tres días en Madrid: Day Three, More Sightseeing then Home

    Whilst I was field tripping in Scotland three weeks ago it hit me that I had no 'proper' trip away in July and I had a think about where I could go to see some cultural stuff and hopefully get some creds whilst at it. Madrid was the obvious choice. I asked a uni friend, Zoe, if she wanted to go...
  13. Jordanovichy

    Best Male Tennis Player to Ever Live

    I've seen people debating on Twitter recently about who the best Male player to ever live is/was. This is across all surfaces, all titles, all everything. So who? I've added Andy Murray hoping someone is optimistic enough... I'm going with Federer. He's won the most grand slams of anyone, he...
  14. Jordanovichy

    Uneventful day at Bellewaerde

    Thought I'd give a separate thread for this report so I don't hijack ThomVD's from his own trips. I'll hijack Serena's for Plopsa though ;) A large group of people were planning on going to Plopsaland de Panne, Belgium one weekend in mid-April. Stone Cold, Nic, Peep and I decided to head over...
  15. Jordanovichy

    German Eggs & Easter Creds 2015

    What better way to spend the Easter break than getting creds? That's exactly what 9 of us decided to do. Friday 3rd April: Day One, Heide Park I had met up with Stone Cold the night before and we picked Nealbie and Ploddish up from Cambridge station. We had dinner at the Lucky Star Chinese...
  16. Jordanovichy

    How many apples can you fit in a Big Apple

    So I've been engaging in discussion with Nealbie, Stone Cold, Mysterious Sue and Ploddish and we've discovered a problem. We dont know how many apples you can fit inside the big apple on a Big Apple. Can you help us work it out? We have worked out that 16.42 Big Apples make up the same length...
  17. Jordanovichy

    A 'Wetter than Expected' Day in the West Midlands

    When there are creds to be got, you'll often find many goons piling into a car and travelling 100s of miles just to find a couple of +1s, and that is exactly what happened on Sunday 29th March. I had stayed at Neal's the night before after travelling from Portsmouth to my parent's in Cambridge...
  18. Jordanovichy

    The first live

    So the first CF live was in 2003 and it was at Thorpe Park. I have seen this photo countless times but due to being a relatively new member I can only recognise two people, Ian (nice hair) and Tomatron. Who is everyone else? Are they still active on the forums. Going to be embarrassing if I've...
  19. Jordanovichy

    Bacon: Grill/Oven or Fry?

    I was recently having a debate with a friend at uni that lasted a fair few minutes longer than it should have done about what the best way to cook bacon is. I am adamant that frying is the way forward, she is insistent it's putting bacon under the grill/in the oven. I can see the pros and cons...
  20. Jordanovichy

    Park Maps

    I'm always picking up park maps at the entrance to theme parks. They help you get around the park and they make a nice, free souvenir. I do collect maps from places I haven't been to as well (courtesy of goons who have spares ;) ), but keep them separate from the places I haven't been, I store...