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    B&M Inverts, Best to Worst

    1. Katun. Only by a tiny smidgen does this come first. Great ride. 2. Nemesis. The classic and one of the greatest rides ever built. 3. Oz'Iris. I'm a big fan of this even though I know others aren't. I love its theming which really helps. 4. Black Mamba. My memories are a little hazy as I last...
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    Heide Park | Flug Der Dämonen | B&M Wing Coaster

    Re: Heide Park | Unknown | B&M Wing Coaster I've always assumed its down to competition. Take the UK, The Smilers competition this year has been a Volare at Flamingoland and a safari ride at Chessington. Compare to the parks that Heide has to compete with in Germany and it naturally has to up...
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    Milestone Coasters in Your Count

    1. Runaway train at Chessington 25. Oblivion 50. Silver Star 100. Bruco - Rainbow Magicland 150. Tornado - Bakken Currently on 169 with Falken at Farup Sommerland.
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    Other changes at C:WoA 2013

    I always achieved 650 (well 640) or so with three laps, the majority of the ride is spent on speeding the train up at the beginning and slowing it down at the end. The flying lap adds 25 seconds onto the ride and when you consider you do 17 complete cycles an hour, the third lap doesn't really...
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    Other changes at C:WoA 2013

    Thats 650 people per hour when you have two ride staff on the platform and an operator who is particularly good at parking (and no I don't mean speed parking!). Unfortunately this is rare and it's more likely to get 400 pph as Runaway is never a priority for ride teams. 1000 per hour is...
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    B&M Inverts, Best to Worst

    1. Katun 2. Nemesis 3. Oz'Iris 4. Black Mamba 5. Chinese Fireball 6. Montu 7. Nemesis Inferno 8. Hungarian Hungtail 9. Batman La Fuga Thought I'd been on more then that but the memory must lie.
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    What is the Best B&M Inverted Coaster?

    1. Katun 2. Nemesis 3. Oz'Iris 4. Black Mamba 5. Hungarian Hungtail 6. Chinese Fireball 7. Nemesis Inferno 8. Batman La Fuga The top four are all in my top ten. It's not so much a bias for the Inverter, it's more that on that first ride, they blew me away with their quality and intensity.
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    Cedar Point | "GateKeeper" | B&M Wingrider

    It was just a tounge in cheek comment from the Park.
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    Port Aventura Park and Water Park + Barcelona

    Great to read another Shambhala review, I really think that if it had an interesting queue line it would be further up in my top ten because the ride itself is such a masterclass of getting the most out of every single hill, drop and turn around. Agreed with you about Dragon Khan, maybe the sit...
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    Parque Warner Madrid - August 4th & 5th 2012 - PTR

    Pretty much agree with you on Parque Warner, it's an amazingly under-rater park, particularly when compared with Port Aventura or other major European parks. Superman de Acero has been my favourite ride for over five years now, I just feel that whilst it isn't majorly intense, it just has so...
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    Longest Queue Time?

    I queued 2 and a half hours for Storm Surge. What was I thinking. :oops:
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    B&M Wing Coasters - Fad or Fab?

    I don't see the wing rider being a fad. Partly because of the amount of potential you have with them. The four so far are all very different beasts, in fact the only two that have any kind of similarity are Swarm and X-Flight and even then, the theming of Swarm characterises Thorpes, whilst...
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    Parc Asterix |"Oz'Iris"| B&M Invert

    The only other B&M I've seen the same thing on is Silver Star.
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    Canada's Wonderland |"Leviathan"| B&M HyperGiga

    Maybe so, but unless you are clued up on these things, the GP won't be thinking "I wish this was more intense"as you come off the lift hill, 300 feet above the ground.
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    Canada's Wonderland |"Leviathan"| B&M HyperGiga

    I'm sure when dropping 300 feet, all the riders will just be thinking "gosh this looks like it lacks intensity" :roll:
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    Alton Towers/Ropers noise complaint rolls on

    It's irrelevant to the case going to court.
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    Mirabilandia |"DiVertical"| Intamin Water Coaster

    Re: Mirabilandia |"DiVertical"| Intamin (?) Water Coaster True, but we're on here as enthusiasts so it is a bit of misfire on a ride front, not as business men so I don't really care how much money the park gets out of this. They'll still have Katun so Divertical can be a one ride wonder...
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    How much of a credit whore are you?

    Not really a credit whore in the slightest. At parks I just try and get on everything I can and if a few kiddie coasters get missed out then I won't lose sleep over it.
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    Ocean Kingdom | Flying Over The Rainforest | B&M WingCoaster

    Re: 2013 B&M Wingrider? Forgive me if this sounds rude, but isn't the 17 rollercoasters that the park already has, not enough?
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    Nemesis VS The Swarm

    Or need to for a ride to be enjoyed by the masses.