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    Do You Open Presents Before Christmas?

    This may be an American question (I think the British have Boxing Day, or is that Canada?), regardless, do you save all of your Christmas presents for the 25th, or do you open any prior? Growing up my family would always open one small gift on Christmas Eve, and then open the rest in the...
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    Great Movie Ride Overhaul: TCM and Disney Agreement

    The Turner Classic Movies cable channel and the Walt Disney Company are announcing a deal today that will include changes to the Great Movie Ride, one of the original attractions at Disney's Hollywood Studios.. Source...
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    American Riots

    I get people are pissed at life, but they picked the wrong martyr and thats why this wont go anywhere. Also, I have never seen a President purposely stoke the flames of race riots like Obama did lastnight, and Eric Holder continues to do.
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    Star-Flyer for I-Drive Orlando ... ction.html ORLANDO -- Mystery revealed: The "largest of its kind" attraction coming to the I-Drive 360 complex was revealed Tuesday to be the Star Flyer, a chair swing ride that will stand 420 feet tall. Unicorp National Developments unveiled the...
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    Tiger on the Loose Near Disneyland Paris

    Paris (CNN) -- It's a tiger's tail. That's what French citizens say they saw Thursday in woods and other areas not far from Disneyland Paris, according to a local official. While authorities haven't managed to corner the animal, all witnesses identified it as a tiger, according to Cédric...
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    (Insert AC/DC Pun Here) Phil Rudd Charged in Murder Plot ... ?hpt=hp_t2 Phil Rudd, the drummer for legendary hard rock band AC/DC, has been charged with attempting to have two men killed. The 60-year-old appeared in a New Zealand court Thursday afternoon facing a count of attempting to procure the murder of...
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    Fun Spot America Gets a New Flat ... _new_.html ORLANDO -- Fun Spot America has a new thrill ride that lets guests experience the sensation of flying in an acrobatic airplane. The Air Raid sends riders round and round and upside down at up to 4g forces. “We have spent a great deal of...
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    Lowry Park Zoo Boo

    Here is the trip report you have all been waiting for! While others are spending thousands going to Dubai, or Hong Kong, or wherever, RtotheIzzo and his clan went to Lowry Park Zoo for his son's 1st birthday! The following report contains animals, halloween decorations, animal ****, and a...
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    Diagon Ally PTR

    I got to check out Harry Potter part 2 a couple of times this week. Once was a quick "cred run" on my lunch break, the second time was more of a stop and look around. Today was also the first night of Horror Nights, so I got a sneak peak at some props. Anyways here is one of the least...
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    Looks Like Jokers Jynx Valleyed ... ?hpt=hp_t2 On tablet so link is best I can do now.
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    Panama Theme Park Kinda Announced ... ed-panama/ It is rumored that Panama is in line for a major American amusement park chain to open in the country. Jesus Sierra, Panama’s tourism minister, told Panama News Agency that the name of the company cannot be revealed. The minister did note...
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    Iger Confirmed: Star Wars Expansion At Disney ... 79414.html The Walt Disney Co. plans for “a far greater Star Wars presence” in its theme parks, company chief Bob Iger said Tuesday. The first look at new attractions based on the sci-fi franchise, beyond Star Tours that currently operates at several...
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    Second Universal Park in China? ... in-zhuhai/ Universal Studios has reportedly signed a deal with the Zhuhai government to invest 150 billion yuan (US$24.29 billion) in a theme park in the city. The park, to be located in Doumen district, will cover 10 square kilometers, Chinese...
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    Miami Park in Development for 20 years Faces New Hurdle ... focus.html The latest threat to a disappearing forest — a planned apartment complex and strip mall anchored by a Walmart — is bringing new scrutiny to what might be an even bigger foe to the endangered land: a billion-dollar amusement park in the...
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    Football Topic

    The US will be broadcasting additional games for the Premier League, and I am looking to watch a better league than MLS. I ask you, the Coasterforce experts, which club should I support? :?: Also, if anybody has a way to watch games online please feel free to PM or share.
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    Six Flags Attendance Dip

    Attendance down 8% YoY. Guess all you Brits didn't help out enough. Some great gems in the article including: But Wall Street isn't buying that argument, sending the stock on a Kingda Ka-sized sell-off. ... index.html
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    Mack Rides

    How's it pronounced? I have heard a few variations with different stress on the A and different k sounds on the end.
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    PTR - A Few Crap Pics of Seven Drawfs Queue

    So I finally found the energy to gather the family up after work and go join the train on Snow White! MK was heaving. The first lap of the night parade was about to start so Main Street was stop and go. After being directed all the way around thru Frontierland we ended up at the new coaster to...
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    PTR: June 2013 - Waldameer/Niagara/Wonderland/Hershey/BGW

    So I just found the picture folder with my trip from last year and figured what else did I have that was better to do than write up a TR for CF? Last year my wife and I had a "Babymoon" where we drove to Niagara Falls and back. Along the way we stopped at a few parks: Waldameer, Martin's...
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    SeaWorld Revisits Middle-East Plans

    ORLANDO -- SeaWorld may head to the Middle East again, after the company announced it was taking another look at building parks there. SeaWorld CEO Jim Atchison announced Wednesday that the company was looking into the viability of building in the Middle East. Atchison told listeners during...