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  1. alexAVFC96

    what type of engineering for roller coasters?

    does anybody know what type of engiineering you need for roller coasters? thanks!
  2. alexAVFC96

    john wardley wrote to me!

    this is awesome the roller coaster designing legend john wardley e-mailed me after i emailed him about a new ride exspirience. he said he would like to have a look at my design. its the best thing thats happen to me that i can remember.
  3. alexAVFC96

    Theme Park Trips

    As long as your a member can you go to the trips to theme parks?
  4. alexAVFC96

    What is the most inversions you've done on one coaster?

    Mine is 4 both on Nemesis, Alton Towers and Shockwave, Drayton Manor -Caps Lock is not your friend.. -Snoo
  5. alexAVFC96

    What Is The Best U.K Theme Park?

    I want to know what is the best U.K theme park. doesn't have to be good for families. I just want to know the best so that i can make plans to go there.
  6. alexAVFC96

    coaster count

    Does coaster count include thrill rides or is it just coasters?
  7. alexAVFC96

    is there anyone else so obsessed with coasters

    am i the only one so obsessed with coaster they want to design them? or are there other people?
  8. alexAVFC96

    SW7 alton towers

    i have heared that there is going to be a secret weapon 7 at alton towers and it is what john wardley has always wanted. so this could mean that it is a wooden coaster. i have also heared that he has design several wooden coasters. this will be new for 2013. has anyone else heared this rumour?
  9. alexAVFC96


    me and my friends always have arguements about which is better NEMESIS or AIR both at ALTON TOWERS. So i want to know what do you think?