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    Ferrari World - Dec 3rd 2010

    Only a quick report really. I'm currently working over in Abu Dhabi, so I've been planning to get out to Ferrari world for a week or so now.. Anyway, decided to visit Friday 3rd Dec, arrived at opening time 12 mid day. Looking forward to riding Formula Rossa at this point... Anyway, starts...
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    Xcelerator - Cable Snapping VIDEO

    Not sure if this has been posted, as I imagine its quite an old news article now, but cant remember seeing a on ride video of it happening! ... aster.html Apologies if its been posted already, but has a quick search and couldnt find it under General...
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    Highly Amusing Article - Mac Vs PC..

    Have a read of this.. Made me LMAO.. ... ac-windows
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    Spain plans Casino City - Includes a 60 hectare theme park

    Searched through the forums and couldnt find anyhting about this.. Apologies if there is a post about this somewhere.. It seems there is a small update about it.. Original story: ... spain.html...
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    Newtons Belt - (NL) - Released - VIDEO UP on P2

    Hi Here's a little project ive been working on and off for about 4 months or so. NEWTONS BELT In Intamin Mega with a unique first drop, insane airtime (floater and ejector) and lots of 3DS. It will be released early 2009.. Here's a preview: (Sadly the embedded player link...