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  1. alexr

    PTR M&DS

    Yesterday I visited M&DS With a friend who had never been before, I didn't mind that much as I haven't been since 2010 and I didn't ride the mine train ride last time. We ended up just buying unlimited ride wristbands for £15 plus paying extra for the Booster. I didn't take that many pictures...
  2. alexr

    California or Florida?

    Out of interest where would you rather go for parks ect. Florida is popular with many tourists from around the world with Disney, Universal, Sea World ect However so is California although there parks are smaller however they do have other parks such as Knott's and Magic Mountain. Where do you...
  3. alexr

    Adventure Island Amusement Park

    Adventure Island Amusement Park was founded in 1948 and has grown since then, Once the park was known as a wildlife park before gaining it's new owners in 1995 who modernized the park by demolishing the parks wooden coaster to replace it with a B&M inverted coaster along with other additions...
  4. alexr

    PBB Maintenance Work

    This year PB'S doing a lot of work this year including retracking PMBO and replacing the front of Valhalla as well as work on Gold Mine and Space Invader For It seems like they are getting rid of most of the facade, this was an explanation as to why they were doing this. There are six pumps at...
  5. alexr

    Pleasure Beach Blackpool-Vampire Beach Halloween Event.

    Pleasure Beach have released Information about there first Halloween Event called Vampire Beach Here is the site It has been updates with prices information and more. The park is open from 3pm Until 9pm and Will feature actors walking around the park...
  6. alexr

    Alton Towers 9th of September

    Visited Alton on friday as still had not been on 13 and Spinball. Had a pretty good day however having been to Florida some of the rides didn't seem as good anymore. Oh and after riding Manta it made me realise how **** Air is. Ride Count was Rita-2 Oblivion-7 Nemesis-3 Air-2 Spinball...
  7. alexr

    The Preview Thread

    Not sure if it's been done before however this thread is for posting Previews and teasers of what your working on rather than making a thread for it straight away. Here's something I have been working on for a new park
  8. alexr

    Pleasure Beach Sued for £200,000

    Pleasure Beach are being sued for up to £200,000 due to someones husbands health being exposed to asbestos dust and fibres ... _1_3513310
  9. alexr

    Florida 2011

    Just now I am in Florida however I am going to do an ongoing Trip report. My first report is from sea world that I visited yesterday. The parks I am visiting are Universal Studios and IOA Busch Gardens Sea World Aquatica Not going to disney this year as we went last year. Any Advice for these...
  10. alexr

    Paradise Gardens

    I thought I would share this park with everyone as my last project stopped. To See the Past Of this project and to understand this project you are better reading this topic to understand the park It's only 4 pages long so it's not to bad ... 69&t=29203...
  11. alexr

    Pleasure Beach Bans Food In Park

    This has been enforced for a while however the media are covering again ... iches.html From The Mail Poor Amandas getting Abused on Twitter however she seems to be awsering the questions quite well... Shes got an idea though to try and help the...
  12. alexr

    Amanda Thompson

    Just for discussion what are peoples opinions on Amanda. At some points she has been hated, Like when she made rides sbno and tore down the Cyclone (which was quite "meh" anyway). Some people hate her here is an example... Cf said on twitter Reply on Towers Times Some people have...
  13. alexr

    Parks in Movies

    Sorry if this has been done before however What theme parks/amusment parks have you seen in movies and was it a good or bad film. Heres One I know of, The Parole officer features the big one in it. Also what is the park from Tom Hank's Big?
  14. alexr

    New Theme Park for Scotland?

    Looks lIke plans for a new Theme Park have been realeased. From Scotland on Sunday ... Your thoughts? Sorry if this has been posted already....
  15. alexr

    Big Audio Dynamite Live in Glasgow

    Last Night I went to see Big Audio Dynamite and it was a great concert. We arrived for a rubbish support act then after that the band came on. The performances were great and it was good to see how much effort was going into this. We were told about how the sounds used are all the original which...
  16. alexr

    Blackpool Pleasure Beach Lauch Speedy Pass

    Speedy pass is now partially installed at BPB and yesterday was operating on some rides. The place where you pick up your speedy pass bot is as you go through the left side of the main entrance and just after the scanners the office is on your left where the seperate part for ticket sales and...
  17. alexr

    Pleasure Island

    Here is a park I started a while a go and I have been refurbishing it in different phases. To understand the park you may have to read through this; A very badly made park map. The next Update for the park I will post here.
  18. alexr

    Have Height Restrictions Increased in the Past Few Years?

    Is it just me or have Height Restrictions on Rides increased in the past few years? In the 90's I visited DLP and rode Big Thunder Mountain however the next year wasn't allowed to ride. Is it due to the rise in Health and Safety that height restrictions have gone up on rides?
  19. alexr

    Intamin 1st Gen Free Falls

    I have been quite intrested in these rides as their is not many left. Does Anyone know what the ride experience was like, They look like intersting rides, A cross between a coaster and a drop tower. Anyone Know what the ride experience was like?
  20. alexr

    Noah's Ark to be turned into Heritage Museum

    Amanda Thompson Revealed on her Twitter that Noah's Ark will be turned into a heritage museum, which is good and Bad. I Think it was mentioned it was rumored but it's now kind of Confirmed. Also Amanda's revealing a lot on Twitter! Your thoughts on Noah's Ark being turned into this....