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    Cedar Point worker found dead in Dorms

    As some of you know, I work at Cedar Point current over halloweekends. Saturday morning, as I walked out to my car, there was a line of Police and Medical vehicles inside the dorm areas. I had no idea what was going on and proceeded to go to work. Later that day, I heard rumors going around...
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    Station Music

    As some of you know, I recently got back to working on rides at Cedar Point. Even better, I'm running GateKeeper. I've only been back a few days, and do love working there. But when I got to the spieling position, I noticed something quite odd. There was no station music. I really didn't too...
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    Re: USALive 2013 - Cedar Point - May 12th

    We rode a grand total of 2 things each. Corkscrew, Blue streak, Wicked Twister, Woodstock Express, and maXair were the only things open in the entire park. And the train. MilF valleyed, as did Maverick (so they say, I could be wrong), and gatekeeper never opened. Overall, wasted day. My friend...
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    Advanced monocle society of rewritten exclamations

    I say old chap! This dedicated section of the conglomerate "The Advance Force of Coaster Enable Subjects" is hereby committed to correctly and effectively revise former statement advocated in a more effection merriment. (Rewrite previous posts into overly worded old-timey phrasing)
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    Money from the Government

    Sorry if this has been made already. Well it's tax season in the USA. As such, we have to file our taxes. And sometimes, we even get a refund. So here's the question: Did you get a refund? If so, what are you doing with it? Are you saving it, or spending it all? For me, I'm paying my minor...
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    Longest Vs. Shortest Song in your Library

    As the name suggests, what is the longest song in your library and your shortest? Shortest: Horrible Theme~Jed Whedon :10 Longest: Symphony 9 (New World Symphony)~Dvorak 50:34
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    VTR: GhosterForce Live USA: Close Enough

    Since our CF and GF lives were all cancelled for various reasons, I decided to have an unofficial GhosterForce Live at Kings Island last Saturday. Sadly out visit was not budding in the credits we hoped, as the park was packed with people and the lines grew long. We got one walk on Flight...
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    Joe gets his Virginia Swag on: Full PTR

    Headed to Virginia for a few days, hanging out with Joey's boyfriend, who is a cool bro. Anywho, let's get to the PTR: I got stayed up all night to make sure I could leave for the airport at 5:30am for my flight at 10, since I nearly missed it last time. Always remember where you parked...
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    Michigan's Adventure [with furries]

    Yes, I am one. No, I'm not making a deal about it. So last week (July 17th), I set up a meet at Michigan's Adventure. I hadn't gone there in about 6 years, so I felt it needed a visit. Our day began with the hot air balloons flying up over Jackson. Then our venture up north started. JOE...
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    Your worst trips

    Lets face it: us as a community go on dozens of trips every year. So there's a slight chance that there were a couple that seemed a bit...bad. It could be the rides, the staff, the group you went with, all sorts of factoring in that made it an unenjoyable event. So let's hear it: what are some...
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    Presidential Candiadites Sign "Marriage Promise" ... 93523.html So it seems that two hopefuls for the presidency say they're going to make it illegal for any form of gay marriage, signing a pledge that they'll ban it if elected. What are your thoughts? Anyone else not voting for them?
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    Kings Island '011: Sexy Fun PTR

    First trip of the year is followed by the first trip report! Hopefully the first of many as I can now afford to do them. It was a long drive the day before, a nearly 5 hour trek from Mid-Michigan to Southern Ohio: I'm a goon with a bluetooth: But Ohio is very lovely today: I mean, look at...
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    A new take on and an old idea (UC)

    Not sure if annnnnnnyone remember this. Hopefully I will make awesome and work.
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    Kemlerwood Green Amusement Park

    Hello RCT 3 peeps! Here's a little project I've been working off and on for a year, having to restart twice. The idea is simple: build a park that is the ideal sense of green. Therefore, only the buildings are new. All the rides are based off of SBNO rides, rides for sale, or common rides...
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    Would you do it?

    While being here at the study, we found out about another medical study that pays $100,000 for a one day. The catch? You lose a testicle. So the question is: would you give up a testicle for $100,000? Ladies, would you give up a breast for the same?
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    CBS can't rate coasters

    This is the top 5 list from a CBS news report. Keep in mind, this is for the USA'S coasters: 5. Wildebeest, Holiday World 4. Kingda Ka, SFGAd 3. Diamondback, KI 2. Sky Rocket, Kennywood 1. I305, KD Anyone see any issues with this? Also, look at some of these "facts" "The...
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    Throwing up on a ride

    Last month or so, I went to Kings Island with my girlfriend and Justin. We rode Flight of Fear, and at the end of the ride, my girlfriend threw up. I'm not going to go into more detail about it. The thing is, I've never had an issue with nausea on any ride what so ever, yet been with people...
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    Kings Island 6/28: NOMNOMNOM

    So when I first asked my girlfriend, we got to talking and she told me she's never been to Kings Island, but always had wanted to go. So, we went, bringing Justin in to drive us all there and back. On the way to my house, Justin slide into a tree. He was fine and only the side mirror was...
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    First coaster of 2010

    I swear we had one for this year... Anyways, what's the first coaster you have ridden/plan on riding this year?
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    What is this?

    Pop, Soda, or Cola?