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    Six Flags Flash Pass

    I am planning on going to Great Adventure in late July. I am thinking about getting flash passes. Are they worth the money and if so which version of the flash pass (regular, gold, or platinum). I'd like to try Zumanjaro and ride El Toro, Nitro, and Kingda Ka multiple times.
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    Is the Six Flags Flash Pass worth it?

    I am planning on going to Six Flags Great Adventure on July 4th and wondering if the flash pass is worth it. If so, which version should I get. If you got the flash pass from another Six Flags park that's fine too. Any advice will be appreciated.
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    SF:NE or Hershey Park

    Should I go to SF:NE or Hershey Park on the 27th?
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    Best Station Music

    I am new here and don't know if this has been done or not. What rollercoaster do you think has the best station music. In my opinion, it's Nitro at Six Flags Great Adventure. I love the Mortal Kombat theme.
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    Boulder Dash

    This might be a noob question, but what exactly makes Boulder Dash so great. I haven't been on it, im hoping of going on it this year but im just wondering.