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  1. Venom2053

    E3 Opinions?

    What do the CFer's think of E3 so far? What were your favourite games or presentations? I think mine would have to be the Microsoft presentation. Halo 4 and the new Tomb Raider look amazing <3
  2. Venom2053

    Are you addicted to Facebook?

    Its all in the title though before you post or vote watch this... Or listen to this... ... 721390.stm I find myself going on FB everyday now, though about a year ago I only went on about once a week. My increase...
  3. Venom2053

    Which Roller Coaster Would You Marry?

    So this lady married a roller coaster... :lol: ... -ride.html So this made me think which roller coaster would you marry and why?
  4. Venom2053

    Does anyone have this Cred?

    I was wondering if anyone here has ridden Led Zepplin: The Ride or as its called now Time Machine. It hasn't been operating very long because of park problems. Also why do you think the park failed? Myrtle beach is nice enough tourist destination, I don't...
  5. Venom2053

    What is your irrational fear?

    I don't know if I am the only one but I am scared Wax figures. Madame Tussauds' is like a haunted house to me, I don't know what it is about them but they creep me out, especially the celebrity ones. Anyway what is your Irrational Fear? If you don't have one what are your scared of that most...
  6. Venom2053

    2010 Park Attendance Report

    The numbers for Worldwide Park Attendance have been released. You can download the PDF here: Top 25 parks listed on page 22 Some interesting facts: Magic Kingdom - Disney World, Orlando stills holds #1 spot and Disney still holds 8/10 spots in the...
  7. Venom2053

    Favourite Attraction of 2011

    Hey everyone found this on Screamscape. You can vote for your favourite attraction of 2011 at Behind the Thrills. ... year-2011/ Jaws from Universal Studios Orlando had the most nominations. Probably because it is closing. Which one is your favourite?
  8. Venom2053

    Universal Hollywood | Wizarding World of Harry Potter

    Just announced that Universal Studios Hollywood will be getting its own Wizarding World of Harry Potter. Due to open in 2014/2015. It is rumoured to have the Forbidden Journey ride, similar to it's Florida cousin. Some different plans include an expanded Diagon Alley, Knock turn Alley...
  9. Venom2053

    Favourite Movie Soundtrack

    So I thought as Pingu on Drugs made a topic about everyones favourite music genre I'd open up a Discussion on Movie Soundtracks. What is your Favourite Movie Soundtrack? Hopfully it's a notable film that other people will recognize :P Anyhoo, I'll start My favourite soundtrack would have to...
  10. Venom2053

    Tibidabo Park - Barcelona

    I went to Europe this summer and had an amazing Cruise around the Mediterranean visiting Rome, Naples, Messina, Pisa, Livorno, Monte Carlo, and Barcelona. I visited the 3rd oldest theme park in the world on Tibidabo Mountain in Barcelona and rode some pretty old flat rides along with a very...
  11. Venom2053

    New Simulator for Universal Studios Orlando?

    I found this very interesting as i really enjoy Universal Studios. Click the link to read more... ... -ride.html It basically explains how the park is closing the Jimmy Neutron ride in order to make space for a new simulator. Has anyone heard any...
  12. Venom2053

    Europe Park?

    My family and i are traveling to Europe for the second time ever :P I've been to England before and we plan to visit again this summer but thats not all... We also plan to visit Italy, France, Spain, and Germany My question is what park in Europe is worth going to??? I've been to Thrope...
  13. Venom2053

    Fav Coaster Park?

    What is ur fav coaster park? Things to keep in mind 1) Number of coasters 2) Fastest/Tallest/Longest Coaster in Park? 3) Any recorded breakers? 4) Best Overall Coaster experince?