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  1. the_missus

    Another Thorpe Report - 7th Aug

    Well this was a trip organised by my work, but I had a couple of mates come along. We had to get to the pickup point by times! The journey there was quite mundane....there was some annoying little child! But they put Dirty Dancing on, I forgot where I was and started to sing...
  2. the_missus

    London Marathon

    Just wondering if anyone knew someone who was running it this year?? One of my mates is running dressed up as Snow White, he has a wig and everything! I respect everyone who does this, it is a massive achievement and has got me thinking of maybe attempting it next year. I'm as unfit as...
  3. the_missus


    Now, I don't usually watch Eastenders but just recently I have managed to watch a few episodes of it. The acting is usually terrible and the plots even worse, but was anybody else sad that Danielle died? I must say I did well up a bit...mainly cos she was the only good-looking cast member!!