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  1. CMonster

    Roller Coaster Essay

    Okay, so I don't really know where to put this, but this seems right. Anyways, for my English Composition class, we were assigned a Compare/Contrast paper to write, and, having reached my limit for papers concerning swimming, decided to compare and contrast wooden and steel roller coasters...
  2. CMonster

    B&M Wheel Bogies

    I'm doing a project for my engineering class on, you guessed it, a roller coaster. Right now I'm working on the trains, and more specifically the wheel bogeys. So, does anyone have any really good pictures of the bogies on B&M trains? I'm preferably looking for Sit Downs, but I guess they're all...
  3. CMonster

    Hulk Repaint

    Okay, so this is kind of old news, but it's still happening, so whatever. :P But, Hulk at IoA has looked terrible for quite a few years now. The track has been rusty, paint peeling, ect. The portions closest to the mist and water looked like something found at a Chinese fair. And now...
  4. CMonster

    New trains for Gwazi!

    I didn't really want to put this into the Cheetah Hunt topic and clutter everything up, so here it is! It appears from the photo on this page that new Millennium Flyer trains (at least one) is sitting on the tracks. Also, there are new banners saying, "The Cheetahs are coming, but these big...
  5. CMonster


    I know this question's been asked many times before, but would the alpine coaster here count as a coaster? It has a lift hill, is not powered, coasts by gravity, ect. So, what do you all think?
  6. CMonster

    Osprey- LIM Launched Coaster

    So, I made my first presentable coaster in NoLimits, yay. Named Osprey, it has an inclined launch into an immelman followed by a short layout. And, for pics... It seems I can't find the screenshots I took in the simulator, where are they usually kept? My NoLimits screenshots folder is...
  7. CMonster

    Discovery Cove to get new Grand Reef Attraction

    Announced earlier this morning, Discovery Cove will also get a new addition in 2011, called the Grand Reef.
  8. CMonster


    I don't know if this deserves its own topic or not (in my opinion, it needs to be stickied), but according to This Article, the name Soccer actually originated in England and was used there. Take that, you mocking Brits. :P
  9. CMonster

    Another killer whale incident

    From Screamscape. "Sunday was another sad day for SeaWorld Orlando’s Shamu family as Taima (Tai), a 20 year old Female, died from complications involving the birth of a stillborn calf. Park veterinarians attempted to assist but the complications were too severe." That's really sad, I hope...
  10. CMonster

    Tower Ride for BGW?

    According to Screamscape, Busch Gardens Williamsburg has applied for "a height waver to build a new 'tower' style attraction, 'not to exceed 260 feet above ground level'." Supposedly, it's going to be like Mystery Castle at Phantasialand, where its indoors with special effects and stuff...
  11. CMonster

    Gwazi- Smooth(er)?

    Is it possible? Can Gwazi become a smooth(ish), re-ridable GCI coaster? Maybe with the addition of... MILLENIUM FLYER TRAINS!!! More at BGT Guide Link from Screamscape. And... discuss!
  12. CMonster

    Cheetah Hunt- Intamin for Busch Gardens Tampa

    EDIT: Name is Cheetah Hunt, videos and such here: EDIT: The layout is here at BGTGuide **ORIGINAL POST** I hate to do this, in case it's nothing more than some small thing, but according to Screamscape, Busch Gardens will be making a...
  13. CMonster

    The Peeling of Bananas

    Do you peel your bananas part way down the banana, like a monkey in a cartoon would? Or do you take the entire peel off of the banana before eating it? As this is quite a serious poll, all the answers must be posted quite seriously. :wink:
  14. CMonster

    Busch Gardens PTR

    Sorry for the bad quality pics, I was using my phone and was rushed by impatient kiddies. Well, yesterday me and my family and my brother's friend went to BGA. We got there at about 10:30 and the park was completely empty. Yay for homeschooled pass holders!! :wink: We found out they were...
  15. CMonster

    The American Football Thread

    So, I decided to make a football topic for all American members or anybody else who likes football. College and NFL teams only, please (as there are too many high school teams to talk about).
  16. CMonster

    Installation Error

    I'm trying to install RCT3 again on my comp and it starts out fine but when it starts installing the LiloPop music it always freezes and this error report appears: **************************************************** Feature transfer error (Title) Feature: USA_BUILD Component...
  17. CMonster

    Bad Movies

    What movies do you think are bad or wish you had never seen? Should be interesting to see the discussion. For me, it would have to be the Hannah Montana Movie (God, why did I see that :x )
  18. CMonster

    Coaster Count Highlights

    What highlights do you have in your coaster count? For instance, first looping coaster, first steel, first wooden, tallest, whatever. For me: First looping: Scorpion at BGA First launch: Rock and Roller Coaster at DW First B&M/First Inverted: Montu at BGA First Wooden: GASM at SFoG...
  19. CMonster

    B&M Salaries

    I'm doing this project for school where I have to calculate my living expenses and what my salary would be and stuff like that. For my job, I picked working at B&M. Does anybody know an estimate for how much an engineer would make working there? Thanks in advance.
  20. CMonster

    A Park's Needs

    Just a discussion to see what turns up, what do you think _______ park needs. You can pick any park (or more than one) and choose any (reasonable) rides/attractions that the park should have to make it better for enthusiasts, the GP, whomever- that means no 500 foot aquatrax or whatever, this...