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  1. Manderr

    Grin and Bear it - Trip Reports!

    Such a good day. It just goes to show that decent company is really what CF is all about when it comes to it since the circumstances were ****. I can't believe I've left it so long in between Lives but hopefully Blackpool to see you lovely people again. The Phallus man definitely wanted...
  2. Manderr

    Yorkshire Tripper III Trip Reports!

    Andy, you missed off the all important part where the Kumali ops actually called us all a "bunch of f@@king geeks"... Aside from that, I really enjoyed my first Live in two years, was so good to see everyone again. I'll post more later / tomorrow when my sleep deprivation has been recovered from.
  3. Manderr

    Log Flume accident, Bridlington.

    Not sure if anyone has seen this yet as I only saw it on the news last night, it happened yesterday from what I can gather. Eeek.
  4. Manderr

    Thorpe Park! No photos I'm afraid....

    Can I come on a night out with you?
  5. Manderr


    Shes brave, I was a nervous wreck the weeks leading upto it :P Haha oh yes thats the best part ;)
  6. Manderr


    Exciting :) Hope everything goes smoothly, tell her not to be too worried, as it's really not that bad :)!
  7. Manderr


    Awww your scan pics are way more close up than mine were, lucky. I want to see actual baby photos in this topic now!
  8. Manderr

    Type of phone

    The Blackberry Bold 9700 I love it <3.
  9. Manderr

    Hull Fair

    LATE but, Dave you cheeky pillock I have been to places far worse than Hull, for example, Goole and likewise. 'Fair was actually a heap of crap this either, either down to the fact that I spent about £40 on food and sweets alone (obviously didn't ride anything) and / or the fact there were...
  10. Manderr

    "Get Yer Mumbos Out" (FL/LWV) trip reports

    Mwahahahah, I love you, you dirty southern wench.
  11. Manderr

    Pleasure Island Closed.

    While we all know it's not one of the best parks ride-wise and I do agree with most of the stuff mentioned above, I am actually pretty disappointed from a sentimental point of view. We've always gone as a family without fail, every Summer since I was a little girl and had some great times...
  12. Manderr

    "Get Yer Mumbos Out" (FL/LWV) trip reports

    Haha, oh god I only just realised this was on here, good times. You should have added a clip of Ian and Vadge's rendition of Barbie Girl.
  13. Manderr

    Did Th13teen live up to the hype and your expectations?

    ^They were running the entire train full when I was there on Thursday. Suprisingly, it exceeded my expectations and I actually really enjoyed it. I rode expecting a family-orientated, fun coaster and it delivered.
  14. Manderr

    Would you ride this? (Dodgy looking rides)

    Yes to both. I weirdly LIKE the Toboggans xD maybe there's something wrong with me.
  15. Manderr

    Celebrity Deaths 2009 Edition

    Jimmy Sullivan (AKA The Rev) from the band Avenged Sevenfold died yesterday aged 28. Natural causes apparently! :?
  16. Manderr

    Celebrity Deaths 2009 Edition

    I didn't think she was that thin really! Shame for it to happen so young though, what a waste.
  17. Manderr

    Christmas #1

  18. Manderr

    Celebrity Deaths 2009 Edition

    Brittany Murphy! Actress from 8 Mile and Clueless. She died this morning!
  19. Manderr

    A Reflection On The 2009 Season - Yes, it's that time again.

    Did you reach the coaster count goal that you set at the beginning of the season (can't find that topic at the moment)? Nope but that's not something i'm particularly bothered about, although saying that a round number would be nice! What was the best new-for-you coaster you rode this year...
  20. Manderr

    Fårup My Frikadella Trip Reports!

    BOING, SMACK, FALL. Oh dear I'll never get that image out of my head. Sorry Mushroom ;).