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  1. Inverse

    Lynx, my first go at NoLimits

    I've often browsed this forum and been very impressed by the work done by CFers. So I thought I'd give it a go. I'm looking for criticism of my track work and shaping, and to a lesser extent realism of supports. I'm not too interested in scenery, colours and whether you enjoyed the layout...
  2. Inverse

    Alton Towers Trouble

    I'm hearing through Facebook that there was a "major incident" at Alton tonight. A large fight and stuff being thrown and broken. Large police presence also. Was anyone there or know what was happening? Edit: Also heard that a guy was urinating in the Air tunnel... Seems like a risky place, I...
  3. Inverse

    Madrid - Parque Warner and Parque De Atracciones

    I just got back from Spain where I visited Parque Warner and Parque De Atracciones! I'll try and keep it short and sweet with some pictures to keepin interesting. I'll post about Parque Warner now and Parque De Actracciones a bit later, maybe tomorrow. Parque Warner We spent two days in...
  4. Inverse

    Parque Warner, Madrid (New ticket question...)

    Looks like I'm going to Madrid in may. Very nice. Any advice for Parque Warner? Queue times, food outlets, not-to-be-missed/must avoid things? All welcome, thanks.
  5. Inverse

    Legoland to get a Sealife

    Yup... not surprised. Legoland and building a Sealife next year. Probably in a tent like the Chessie one. They're advertising for divers: ... Vacancies/ Download the "Displays Curator" document for proof. Or:
  6. Inverse


    I'm planning a holiday in the Netherlands. How many days would you recommend I spend in Efteling? Can it be fully enjoyed in one? Or does it really need 2 or even 3 days? I like to take it easy in parks and enjoy the scenery and many smaller attractions that give the place personality. I'm not...
  7. Inverse

    Ride Hopper on Android

    I've been using an app called "Ride Hopper" (lite version) on my android. It's a user based queue time notifier. It's pretty neat but needs people at the parks to keep it accurate. For instance, sitting at home I can tell you that Saw is down and Colossus is queuing for 95mins. Pretty cool...
  8. Inverse

    Europa Park Report (May/June 2010)

    My girlfriend and I took our main holiday this year in The Black Forest. As enthusiasts we try to take holiday's near parks, but we're also very keen to see the area and have a proper holiday too. I'll keep most of the report down to the park, don't worry, but we stayed in a town called...
  9. Inverse

    Posh Crisps

    Posh crisps are all the rage... I like Red Sky. What do you like?
  10. Inverse

    Research Survey

    Hi everyone. I know you have been patient with people conducting research for assignments before and now it's my turn to pester you for information... On the other side of the link is a short 10 question survey about musical instruments and online...
  11. Inverse

    Europa Park Tips and Tricks.

    At the end of the month I'll be heading out to Germany for a well deserved holiday and a couple of days in Europa Park. So my question is simple, any advice? Things like what queues badly and when, what's worth avoiding or doing? Good places to eat? Anything else cool in the local area? Car...
  12. Inverse

    British Park Street Views and The Stig at Legoland.

    ... Google have been around it with their street view backpack like they did with a few American parks earlier. Thorpe Park EDIT: As pointed out by A-Kid and CCJared: Alton Towers Chessington
  13. Inverse


    Thought of this general poll because a friend of mine had his first migraine yesterday whereas I've been getting them since I was 14. According to the NHS only 1 in 12 men get them, and 1 in 4 women. I am supprised at the male statistic, but maybe because I've been getting them so long that...
  14. Inverse

    Most Ridden Manufacturer

    I was just think about those statistics Roomraider posted a while back and how Vekoma built 30% (or thereabouts) of coasters in the world. This got me wondering how this worked out practically for the CF community. So, go through your coaster count and tell us which manufacturer's rides...
  15. Inverse

    The Barclaycard Coaster

    Anyone seen this yet?
  16. Inverse

    BBC - Working in a Theme Park

    Spotted this: may be of interest to some.
  17. Inverse

    Oakwood - 19/08/09

    We were bored. So the next day my girlfriend and I drove off with our tent to visit Oakwood, as we'd never been there before. We camped at a campsite owned by my girlfriends Aunt and Uncle which is about 45mins away from Oakwood.], called Plas-Y-Wern. I'm sure we could have got closer, but it...
  18. Inverse

    Lightwater Valley - 04/08/09

    I've just written a quite detailed and may I say funny account of my recent Lightwater Valley trip. Then lost it with reckless use of my F5 key! I really don't want to write it all again right now... so here is an abridged version: Went to Lightwater Valley. Had to wait for car park gates...
  19. Inverse

    Flamingo Land - 03/08/09

    We arrived at Flamingo Land at about 9:20 and although the park wasn't advertised to open until 9:30, they let us straight in with our e-tickets. After a little wander around snapping photos we decided to go wait for Mumbo Jumbo to open, figuring a quick early queue. We were 4th and...
  20. Inverse


    I experienced my first rollback yesterday on The Ultimate. Didn't quite make it to latching onto the second chain lift. We were sat there for a while before a JCB and a mini bus showed up, to drive us back to the station whilst the JCB towed the train up onto the lift. We were then given a...