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  1. CoasterWild

    The future of the Six Flags Astroworld Site...

    15 Years Ago, on October 30 2005, Six Flags Astroworld (opened on June 1 1968) in Houston, Texas closed its gates for the final time. Some rides were moved to other parks but the rest were demolished and scrapped including the Texas Cyclone wooden coaster. Here's the site so far...
  2. CoasterWild

    Disneyland Paris Re-Theming Rock-N-Rollercoaster?

    Just a few weeks ago, the Rock-N-Rollercoaster which opened in 2002 has played its last song by Aerosmith.:eek: And now hoardings have been erected in front of the entrance. I've read on YouTube that it could be re-themed to Iron Man to suit the Marvel Super Hero scene more. I'm afraid the USA...
  3. CoasterWild

    Notable Deaths 2019

    My turn to start again this year! Dr Hook singer Ray Sawyer, 81:
  4. CoasterWild

    50th Anniversary of Astroworld's Grand Opening!

    Come Friday the 1st of June and we'll honor Six Flags Astroworld (June 1 1968 - October 30 2005) in Houston, Texas with the 50th Anniversary of its Grand Opening! What were your fond memories of this theme park?
  5. CoasterWild

    Notable Deaths 2017

    My turn to start yet another Notable Deaths thread! M*A*S*H actor William Christopher, 84:
  6. CoasterWild

    Notable Deaths 2015

    Half the 2010s is finally over! And now, here's a one-day belated RIP too... Edward Herrmann, 71: ... ore-girls/ Herrmann was on "Gilmore Girls" for its entire run and recently appeared in several episodes of "The Good Wife." He was also nominated for an...
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    Which vehicle do you own & drive/ride?

    Which motor vehicle do you own & drive/ride? To crank this thread up, I have a very rare 1963 Vespa scooter, which I've won in an auction and a 1983 Oldsmobile 98 station wagon, both were imported from the USA! Usually, I ride my scooter when I travel around the state but when I need to get...
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    Notable Deaths 2013

    Although tomorrow is March, it must be time for another 'Notable Deaths' thread! I can't remember who died in the past months since the year began, but anyone can kick off anyway! :wink:
  9. CoasterWild

    Another RCCA Coaster closure?!

    Just went onto the Yomiuri Land website and they are planning to get rid of White Canyon:
  10. CoasterWild

    Ouch! That hurts! :(
  11. CoasterWild

    Notable Deaths 2012

    Yes, 2012 is upon on which means it's time to start the Notable Deaths game once again! For a start, YouTube host Ben Breedlove, 18, passed away on Christmas day after a lifelong battle with heart disease. We celebrate him today and the messages he left for all...
  12. CoasterWild

    Dania Beach Hurricane no more!

    After 10 years of operating at Boomers in Florida, the Hurricane gave it's last rides! Here's a tribute from it's early to late years!
  13. CoasterWild

    Are Japan's parks affected?

    I'm a bit concerned about all of Japan's theme parks after that catastrophic earthquake. Were any of them affected, especially Fuji Q Highland & Nagashima Spaland? For general non park related discussions about the disaster, please see the other topic here...
  14. CoasterWild

    RCT Town

    Does anyone remember the RCT Fansite, RCTTown? It's been offline since last year and we could all lose it forever! :cry: It had lots of downloadable stuff and I will miss it if it goes.