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  1. PeskyTrimBrake

    Employee struck at "La Feria" Holiday Fair, Park refuses to close for the day

    Some pretty sickening ****. An employee at a holiday fair held in San Juan, Puerto Rico was struck by a ride but the worse part is that the park continues to operate as normal despite the incident. According to Telemundo, the worker had 30 years of experience in the fair industry From...
  2. PeskyTrimBrake

    [PTR] Parque de Atracciones de Madrid - June 2016

    So I went to Parque de Attractions de Madrid the other week and well, it was an "interesting" experience. Lets start. The Batan Station Entrance My first impressions of the park was very well maintained except that there was a large amount of litter before the ticket counters. Impressed...
  3. PeskyTrimBrake

    SF Discovery Kingdom | The Joker | Roar RMC Conversion

    (I couldn't find a thread on this. If their is a thread already, mods... do your thing.) We all saw this coming anyway but... Six Flags DK posted this picture on their Twitter with what seems to be a crane removing the trains off Roar. What's interesting about this picture is the crane...
  4. PeskyTrimBrake

    2 Star Wars Themed Areas for Disney HS and Disneyland

  5. PeskyTrimBrake

    Six Flags New England Summer 2015

    Last week, I was in Boston for vacation before I head off to RISD for the summer and before I departed for Rhode Island, I drove my ass up to SFNE. It wasn't as full as I imagined but still took me a while to complete the park. Apart from being bombarded with advertisements just after stepping...
  6. PeskyTrimBrake

    Future Park letting the public design their coaster with NL2

    I came across with interesting post No Limits Simulation posted on their Facebook Here are the proposed requirements by the park: First it was letting the public name the ride, now its letting them design them? It's an interesting concept that will sure gain the participation of many "future...
  7. PeskyTrimBrake

    Cringe Worthy Non Coaster Enthusiast Comments you have heard

    Note: This topic is not intended to target other groups of coaster enthusiasts (including Coaster Force) nor publically shame a person in specific. If someone said it and wish to post it, please blur the name (or dont mention if its quoting someone) unless it is a popular media outlet (CNN, NBC...
  8. PeskyTrimBrake

    Studio Ghibli Park Concept

    Not sure if this should be in General or News. Mods feel free to move it. A picture has been floating around the interwebs after Twitter user "Takumi" posted what it looks to be a map of a Studio Ghibli Theme Park which looks really similar to that of Disneyland's. This park would be set in...
  9. PeskyTrimBrake

    A holiday fair appears...

    Every year, there is a holiday fun fair called La Feria ("the fair" in Spanish. Yeah, real creative) at a parking lot of a local baseball stadium. They usually have 3 coasters but this time decided to add a 4th one. Now for some pics! Entrance A terribly made map First Cred, The Wacky Worm...
  10. PeskyTrimBrake

    Are fun fair coasters considered creds?

    I dont know if this has been answered before but are fun fair retractable coasters considered creds? I'm planning on going to my local fun fair to get 4 of them.
  11. PeskyTrimBrake

    Gwazi Closing in 2015

    Looks like Gwazi is closing next year. No closing date has been yet announced. Let the new ride speculation begin!
  12. PeskyTrimBrake

    B&M Wing Coaster Officially Teased!

    The No Limits team decided to give us a gift for the holidays! The B&M Wing Coaster everyone has been desperately waiting for! The update will go live on Christmas. Here's some eye candy! *throws eye candy out of ghetto looking white van*
  13. PeskyTrimBrake

    Share your desktop wallpaper and rate the one above!

    Post your desktop wallpaper and rate the last person's wallpaper. "ITS THAT EASY!" -Billy Mays Mine:
  14. PeskyTrimBrake

    Glennderp's NL Thread: [on hold] Infra Turbo Pig Cart Racer!

    Welcome to my No Limits Creation thread! I build on No Limits on my spare time. Here you will find my single coaster projects. My park/BIG projects will be located on separate threads. :mrgreen: So, the first coaster on this thread is the 72 hour competition entry which was not finished due...
  15. PeskyTrimBrake

    2 injured in Cedar Point Skyhawk Incident

    A bit late but this happened yesterday. From my local newpaper: FULL ARTICLE This news article basically says info on the ride and that the incident happened around 10:00 pm on Saturday 7/26/2014. The cause of the injuries, according to Cedar Point's spokesman Bryan Edwards, was a cable that...
  16. PeskyTrimBrake

    Dollywood IN Google Maps

    Well this is new. Pretty Cool. Just load Google Maps, Dollywood coaster POVs, and fry a ton of fried food and BAM! YOU'RE IN DOLLYWOOD! :--D
  17. PeskyTrimBrake

    Why do LSM/LIM make a sound?

    This might be a dumb question but why do LSM/LIM make a screeching sound when triggered? I know that LSM switch polarity in order to be a repelling force hence launch. But why does it make a sound? Aren't they magnets? Could it be the motor? Here's what I'm talking about: (go to 2:12)...
  18. PeskyTrimBrake

    Bomb Threat at BGW

    Via BGW's Facebook: The England portion reopened at 5:55 pm today.
  19. PeskyTrimBrake

    [NEW PICS!] DC and Williamsburg: Six Flags America and BGW

    I recently flew my ass up to the US. I visited the DC and Williamsburg area to visit local landmarks and of course the capital of MURICA and was able to visit 2 parks in the area. Park 1: Six Flags America First up was Six Flags America. The park had great landscape and was pretty clean...
  20. PeskyTrimBrake

    Theme Parks from the AIR

    Recently, I was able to catch Kings Dominion while on the plane to DC hence this thread. Post yours/your favorite aerial photos of theme parks here and label the park.