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    2012 Coaster Thorpe Park

    I was on Mania Hub and they were talking about a new ride for Thorpe in 2012, there is a picture of the park from some sort of plane or helicopter and it was when Saw the ride was being constructed, if you look on the other side of Stealth they are filling part of the land. There were many...
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    Coasters or Call Of Duty

    Me and my brother wanted a competition of which is better, Coasters or Call Of duty ?
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    What Coaster?

    Hey Cfers I was just wondering what coaster [in the UK] would you hate to see leave the park they are at?? Mine would have to be X /: No Way Out. I dont really know. It was my first dark coaster and I love it, reallly love it What do you think ??
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    Thorpe Park new site! Saw area !

    I was searching on thorpe parks website a few weeks ago and it has changed. What do you think of it?? I think its good but the old websites had the POV's of Nemesis Inferno, Colossus and stealth, but the new website dosent. :-( The new website has all different frames for some of the...
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    Topic Gone

    Im very sorry, for what I said, I didnt know that the pages took ages to make. I really hope you can forgive me !!
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    Saw Film Saw Ride?

    I went on saw the ride and i just finished watching the film, and i was wondering. Saw the ride has fantastic theming but , most of the theming is from the first saw film, Because on the thorpe park website when the ride first opened they said they have combined it with all the saw films,,, but...
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    Saw Alive : Thorpe Park :)

    I have looked at the general discussion topics and I couldnt find someone that has asked these questions! As you know Thorpe Park are introducing Saw Alive the brand new year round horror maze. It will have six scenes from the incredibly gory Saw films. But I have some questions about it...
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    Which is better!!11

    Which is better
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    Favourite ride in the uk

    What is your favourite ride in the uk?
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    What rides do you love but they only have it at a few parks?

    bla bla bla the title again says it all what ride do you love but they ony have it at certain parks
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    What Is The Most Forceful Ride You Have Ever Been On?

    The title says everything, What is the most forceful ride you have been on? I cant wait to see the responces :--D
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    Thorpe parks bad main season opening

    I hav been on such websites and found out that thorpe park has had a bad case of main opening rash it makes all the park not flow and it is bad because of thorpes reputation and high standereds. I would Like to see your veiws thanks i will take all comments in If you would like to see some...