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    B&M + Disney

    So I've been thinking about this for a while now and have seen various forum topics relating to the fact that B&M haven't worked together (Although I could be wrong) Given the fact that B&M are capacity machines, wouldn't this be great for their parks. Or is it the fact that the coasters they...
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    Alton Towers Flat Rides

    So I've been thinking, where the hell have all of Alton Towers flat rides gone to? We used to have Ripsaw, Submission, Boneshaker/Energizer, Dynamo, Nemesis Sub Terra...... The list goes on, but do we have an actual reason for having such a low amount of them? I know the accident had a big...
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    Weird Italian Park.

    Hey guys, Not sure if any of you have seen this, but it's worth checking out for sure! There are loads of homemade rides at this park, but this one just looks INSANE.
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    Oakwood's new website

    Hey all, Just wanted to point out somethings, Oakwood has a new website along with Afterdark coming back this year! Oh and check Drenched's page LOL.
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    Abandoned Theme Parks.

    Hey guys. Been a LONG time since I posted a topic, was pretty vacant for a while, and like me so are these parks. ... ploration/ Not sure if this has been posted before, and I can't seem to find it! So what do you guys think of abandoned theme...
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    Roller Coaster Tycoon Movie.... did read that correctly.... Sony have recently picked up the rights for Roller Coaster Tycoon franchise so they can a movie about the game! Sources below.... ... -pictures/ ... the-movie/
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    Oakwood: What Happened? So as you all know the last ride built at Oakwood was Speed in 2006 which meant this year we were suppose to see a new big ride, however with the change over in the parks management this seems to have changed everything as there have been no rumours or any sort of news...
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    ps [Updated]

    Rumble Hurtling your way soon!
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    The Mit Show Right, I now blog...oooo yes youtube blogging! But It's more like a bitchfest and what songs I like atm. Please bear in mind that I had NO idea what to talk about. Constructive critisicm is good aswell!
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    Since Gavin was showing Wrecsam to everybody I'm going to show you where I have lived all my life.. Anglesey, which in Welsh is called Ynys Môn. If you have no idea where Anglesey is here is map for you! It's the Island coloured in red. Anglesey is a well preserved island with only one...
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    New iPod shuffle wtf.... And why do I want my iPod to talk to me?
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    Gerstlauer - Sky Roller

    Hey I was checking the Gerstlauer website when I came across a really good looking flat ride. Does anybody know if there is one situated closer to the UK, or even one actually built in a Park? ... uer_E.html
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    Skins Season 3

    So I hear you say YAY, yet some say NAY! Love it or hate it Skins is back with season 3. It starts on thursday on E4 with an all new cast except for Effy. So are you Yaying or Naying? Remember this? SKINS PARTY Then it was the video below for season 2! Skins Orgy Video And now...
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    C l o u d 9 (Uc)

    c o m i n g s o o n
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    Chang vs Riddlers Revenge

    Ive been looking at these two coaster closely and I cant choose which one is better? Anybody?
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    Hydro: Waters Revenge vs Tidal wave (TP)

    Which one do you like the most???? Hydro: The ace river plunge ride droping you 105ft and at an insane degree of 87.5( yes it is dave as Intamin has confirmed it) and you get drenched from head to toe in water. or Tidal Wave ( the unoriginal name) Great themeing (just never working)...