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    Big Trip To New England

    I was able to go to eight parks in just five days in the northeastern United States and Québec. This is the list of them in order of how much I liked them. Canobie Lake Park Six Flags Great Escape Lake Compounce La Ronde Six Flags New England Playland Park (Rye, NY) Luna Park / Scream Zone...
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    Kentucky Kingdom Will Be Back

    I didn't see this anywhere so here it is. Even without Six Flags, there should be a new Kentucky Kingdom within the next few years. While some of the old rides are gone for good, some will be brought back that we thought were dead. I like this guy in the video...
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    Best Wooden Builder

    I don't think that this has had it's own topic, so here goes. Who makes the best woodens ? For now, I will have to go with GCI. Most are in my top 50; only one was too rough. Most of the other builders have only given me one credit (CCI, Gravity Group, Intamin). Philadelphia Toboggan has built...
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    Best Of The Other Six Flags

    By now we know that Great Adventure, Great America, and Magic Mountain are on the lists of many people's favorite parks. What about the "other" Six Flags? Some are almost as big as those, others are quite a bit smaller but still have a lot to offer. What is your favorite of these?
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    The best "mad cobra" or "spaghetti bowl"

    Whatever you call them, what is the best turning and twisting LIM ? I kind of liked Joker's Jinx best. It seemed to have the most going on. The best launch is Rock 'n' Roller Coaster at WDW.
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    Best Twisted Impulse Coaster

    Since these types of coasters seem to be real popular, I was wanting to find out what is anyone's favorite twisted impulse. On I only found U.S. Intamin's, but feel free to talk about any others.