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  1. 10WaTT

    Paultons Park & Thorpe Park CF Live Trip Reports June 2016

    Thanks for a good day at paultons! :) Sent from my HTC One using Tapatalk
  2. 10WaTT

    Loudoun Castle: Coaster under construction

    RCDB, are saying that Loudoun Castle have a rollercoaster under construction. Their website has no news on it and a quick google search found nothing. Link:
  3. 10WaTT

    Blackpool and Southport

    Trying to plan a trip to Blackpool Pleasure Beach & Southport Pleasureland is proving to be quite some challenge, so I have a few questions I would like to see if you guys can help with. Do both parks have any parking, if so does it cost and if yes, how much? What days and times does...
  4. 10WaTT

    New coaster - Dudley Zoological Gardens

    New kiddie coaster being built in Dudley:
  5. 10WaTT

    Morgawr The Sea Monster at Crealy Adventure Park

    "Morgawr the sea monster coaster is coming to Cornwall's Crealy! Opening may 2010!" Source: (Not on RCDB yet! Also another fun fact, Morgawr is a mythical sea monster, similar to the Loch Ness monster but is a southern version said to be spotted...
  6. 10WaTT

    Flambards - Chariot Race

    Chariot Race (flat ride similar to Mulan in Gt. Yarmouth Pleasure Beach without the overhead sheet) was a ride that used to operate at Flambards but over the years it got very worn and almost unsafe to operate, so they stopped operating it for a year. Next year brings the return of the...
  7. 10WaTT

    SallyCorp Subscribed to anyone else on youtube?

    "The great American darkride company", Sally Corporation (known for their animatronics and shoot-em-up darkrides) has subscribed to my YouTube videos today. It appears as if they are quite new to YouTube and I was wondering if they have subscribed to anyone else's videos on CF?
  8. 10WaTT

    Worlds tallest Log Flume?

    I know this topic is for coasters but I didn't want to ask this elsewhere. A quick search on google came up with various answers, so I was just wondering what is the tallest Log Flume in the world right now?