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    How is SD'S airtime?

    I'm wondering how is steel dragon's airtime?
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    Anyone know what a ancient kush prince would wear in battle?

    My friend's son is having a social studies play about the kingdom of Kush attacking the ancient Romans, he invited me to be a actor, and I got the role of a ancient kush prince (I wanted to be a roman officer). Does anybody know what a ancient Kush prince would wear in battle, other than armor...
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    Cheetah Hunt review

    Today I'm doing a Cheetah Hunt review Suprise! Honestly the first launch was way more intense than I thought it would be. It provided what I would call insane positive g's. The coaster then enters a overbank slowly (which was pretty fun), and after that enters the 2nd launch with some pretty...
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    Does Steel Eel have floater or ejector air?

    I haven't ridden it, and I'm planning to go over there so does it have ejector or floater?
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    Does anybody know when IAAPA 2016 will be?

    I'd like to see whether they have the trains for Storm Chaser, Mako, and Taron on display. So does anybody know when it will be?
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    Im tempted to pull a John Cena prank call on a trannysexline

    Should I do it? And excuse me for my grammar in my title, I was trying to fit that all in (that's what she said).
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    RMC Gwazi just became a whole lot more realistic ... ra-updates #RMCGwazi Edited to correct URL. - ECG
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    Have you ever made a backyard coaster?

    If I ever get a 3D printer and a bigger backyard I'll try to make a launched backyard coaster (the launch will be using a spring(a lever will be attached to the front of the spring. Once the rider is all strapped up and ready to go, the ride OP will pull the car to the middle of the station, the...
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    Don't buy HSGB. Don't read if you're not mature

    HSGB=Haribo's Sugarless gummy bears I'll tell you why in story form (this story is 100% true) So one day me and a few friends went to a club. They're names (fake of course) are Alex (male), Sarah (female), and John (male). It was a sports club. Once we got there we started to fool around (I got...
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    The mega-lites or skyrush

    Which do you prefer?
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    Can someone help me custom support some coasters?

    I'm making 2 parks (one themed to the wild west, and the other one is general with themed areas), and I'm having trouble supporting the coasters of the parks (one I'm having a extreme amount of trouble with as it's a hybrid). Can somebody help me?
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    Why do zero g rolls on the B&M inverts feel less powerf

    If I compare montu's zero g roll to the TIC's zero g roll montu's is significantly less powerful. Why is this? Is it because of the shaping on the inverts (I noticed they looked kind of like in line twists, with banshee being the only exception)?
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    Kärnan Review (the pic is not mine).

    So I went to Germany and the highlight of my trip was Karnan. So I got to the park and rushed to Karnan. I waited for 20 mins. My first ride was in the back row Surprise! On the coaster's vertical lift hill when you're almost at the top, the train stops, then all of a sudden the trains falls...
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    Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain or Rainbow Six Siege?

    Which game do you think is better?
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    Nitro or MF?

    Which is better? Personally I prefer nitro.
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    I'm making a rct3 theme park and I need some help

    I am making a rct3 park and I need some help. I need to decide on some themed lands. I know one is going to be themed to a boardwalk, and another is going to be themed to spooky stuff, but I don't know what are some other stuff I could use as a theme. Can I have some help? Thanks -Ayy Lmao
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    Busch Gardens Tampa trip report! Yay!

    So I forgot my camera at home so sadly no pics So I started out my day by sprinting to montu (I tripped a few times(I cri every tiem)) so by the time I got there was a 15 minute wait (UH IT WAS SO LONG!). I loved it as usual but I wished the back seat was more forceful like the front seat. Still...
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    Favorite cartoon?

    What is your favorite cartoon? Mine is Rick and Morty.
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    Anyone else find it funny how..

    The worldworld has been predicted to end several times and it never happened, yet a conspiracy theorist thinks the world will end on September 21st. I find this kinda funny Here are some replies to this prediction "B.S" "I DONT WANT TO DIE!!!" I think it's quite comical.