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    Describing your interest in all things coaster to people?

    Re: Describing your interest in all things coaster to people I've never had any issues with what people think or having to describe it, I don't really go about preaching my interests however most people clocked on some time ago. Generally people think it's rather interesting, and it is as...
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    Suggest names for Adventure Island's new drop tower

    It's a new one that will be located in Adventure Inside which is an Indoor Fun Park they're constructing currently. This is just one of five new rides that'll feature in there (a Gallopers Carousel, Smiles Per Galleon Swinging Pirate Ship, Bouncing Buggies and a classic Choo Choo Train) along...
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    Insane Flat rides

    If you look closely at the photos, you can see that the ends of the arms have been designed to spin (In a photo on AIG, you can see a motor is attached half way down the arm). So from those photos, it will spin like an enterprise and raise, then when vertical the ends of the arms/seats will be...
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    Insane Flat rides

    Adventure Island's new in-house built ride "The Time Machine" is certainly looking rather insane, some photos courtesy of AIG below. Full photos ... =839&st=75 Enterprise, crossed with a KMG XLR8, with an extra twist!
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    Kiddi Koasta at Adventure Island - Launch Invitation

    Kiddi Koasta completed its very first test run today at approximately 17:20, it is very quiet and looks like it will offer a smooth and enjoyable ride for the parks younger visitors (Or Enthusiasts :P ). Fingers crossed it will be open for the weekend. :)
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    Adventure Island 2011

    It will be a Mini Band Ride, so where MMM is for Children 1metre and over when accompanied by an adult (Junior Band). This new ride will be suitable for children Under 1 Metre (Yes, even babies), so long as they are accompanied by an adult. Meaning there is a Roller Coaster to suit everyone...
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    Roller Coaster TV Programs and News Articles!

    On Blue Peter today and tomorrow there will be a section on Roller Coasters and what effects they have on the presenters (Heart rate etc). It is split over today and tomorrows episodes and will feature Colossus (Thorpe Park), Kumali (Flamingoland) and Rage (Adventure Island). BBC One at...
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    "SAW - The Ride" - Eurofighter for Thorpe Park

    It is actually Gerstlauer's portable workshop, generally the cars will arrive on the back of a lorry once the track work has been completed.
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    Is Rita Rough?

    The only part I find rough is the first helix, that part I find is quite rough and I do bang my head normally during the transition from the launch to the first helix which has left a bruise before. But the same goes for Stealth also, it has one point of roughness and thats at the bottom...
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    Raptor vs Talon

    Sorry, My mistake. Although there called Stall Turns they do not really slow down dramatically. They still do go through them at quite a good speed so the ride still does keep a good pace even if it does slow down a certain points. But like I said it does not slow down dramatically.
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    Raptor vs Talon

    Stalls! :? It slows down going over the top of the loop and of course other parts which every coaster does but its far from stalling. Talk about over exaggerating. I think UC means that it builds up pace, but of course it loses speed going through elements but Nemesis (What makes it...
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    Your Highest coaster G-Force

    Must be just an error on RCDB, as the Nemesis on ride photo sleeve states that it pulls 4.5 G's and I have just spoken to a Nemesis Ride host and he has also told me it pulls 4.5 G's.
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    Your Highest coaster G-Force

    I noticed that also on RCDB, but that makes no sense at all as Air pulls 3 G's and Nemesis feels (To me anyways) a lot more forceful than Air. Rita seems to be the coaster that I have pulled the most G Force on, 4.7 I beleive.
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    Rita vs Stealth

    Was it me or did Ritas launch feel alot weaker than what it normally is on the 27th of October ?
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    Least Favourite Alton Coaster

    Rita, it is a coaster that was not planned out very well and it feels and looks like a rush job. So Rita it is.
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    Rita vs Stealth

    But thats not Thorpes decision, sure Stengal knew about KK and thought let me make it smaller but I dont think Thorpe knew KK was being built and when Stengal showed them the plans to Stealth they obviously agreed to it not knowing about KK although Stengal did.
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    Rita vs Stealth

    I would just like to point this out, people say Stealth copied KK etc but the truth is Stealth was put into planning before they even knew about KK and Intamin cannot give out information on other coasters they are building for parks. So thorpe had no idea Zaturn or KK where ever going to...
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    Rita vs Stealth

    Forget the comparing rubbish and just look at Rita, its a figure 8 layout. Does not exactly scream imagination. Stealth and Rita have the two laziest layouts in the history of UK coasters. They both should of had more thought and planning put into them. But Tussauds would never of done that as...
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    Rita vs Stealth

    Rita...Imaginative ? :P Rita is just as unimaginative as Stealth but the only reason rita does not get stick is because it is not a clone. But just because its not a clone does not makes its layout or area imaginative. Ritas layout to be honest is pretty crappy, it just seems (same with stealth)...
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    Rita vs Stealth

    I find Rita's constant speed to be quite dull after a while. Sure Stealth is crap when it slows down but you get the wow factor from the view which adds to the rush for me. Dont think I am a Rita hater because Im not I love the ride, I just prefer the rush Stealth gives me. Maybe its something...