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  1. Themeparkmedia

    Gardaland Retracking Shaman

    I am somewhat amazed that they are investing the money into such an old roller coaster. It wasn't a particularly memorable ride when I went to Gardaland, so surely they would be better to just pull it down and replace it.
  2. Themeparkmedia

    Paultons Park | Tornado Springs | New Area | 2021

    Personally, I think the footers look pretty big for a small family coaster? And surely small little coasters don't take 2 years to build?
  3. Themeparkmedia

    Universal Studios Beijing | 2021

    There is part of me that think this looks awesome, there is also a part of me can't help but think they've really just carbon copied rides and attractions from their other parks, and just altered the theme slightly. It's a shame, as there is so much material you could work with.
  4. Themeparkmedia

    Gröna Lund | Monster | B&M Invert | 2021

    Does anyone know how much this total project is costing? Grona Lund is one of my favourite parks, and when I visited, everything was so tightly compacted together, so it must be one hell of an engineering team to get this whopper put in!
  5. Themeparkmedia

    Djurs Sommerland | Unknown | Mack Powered Coaster | 2022

    Although I didn't experience Jungle Safari, I am sure they've got something special up their sleeves. In the past 10 years, the park has become almost unrecognisable, so although it may not be the 0 - 100 MPH triple launched roller coaster we were hoping for, I am sure they know what they're...
  6. Themeparkmedia

    Djurs Sommerland | Unknown | Mack Powered Coaster | 2022

    I visited Djurs Sommerland a few weeks ago, and although it was a gorgeous little park, this definitely wasn't the ride they were crying out for. There were a lot of teenagers there, so there is definitely a market for something a little more extreme, as the longest queues of the day were...
  7. Themeparkmedia

    A park with the best and worst coaster in one!

    Throwing my hat in the ring, I would say Six Flags Magic Mountain. X2 was one of the most horrific experiences as far as coasters go, followed by Full Throttle which was one of my most enjoyable. Although, SFMM has a long list of horrible, rough, old, headbanging coasters.
  8. Themeparkmedia

    Port Aventura / La Liga Theme Park

    I personally, find the entire concept utterly bizarre. The world of football and theme parks are totally different. Ferrari World I can get, due to the nice cars, speed, etc, but this? I really think that this is a potentially disastrous concept, that will draw money away from the actual parks...
  9. Themeparkmedia

    Phantasialand | F. L. Y. | Vekoma Launched Flying Coaster | 2020

    Quick, someone get some more wall updates!
  10. Themeparkmedia

    Movie Park Germany | Unknown | Intamin Multi Dimension Coaster | 2021

    I think the German market in comparison to the rest of the world managed to pull it back fairly quickly, and have had a relatively good summer by the looks of it in comparison. I think this is a wise investment, and I have no doubt that they will do a good job on the theming, as they've done...
  11. Themeparkmedia

    Markers at Kings Island (2021/22?)

    Are the really realistically going to be opening another huge roller coaster just after a Orion, and just after one of the worst finical implications for the tourism industry in living memory? Maybe I'm being cynical, as it looks great, but really, that quickly :oops: Maybe I'm just jealous...
  12. Themeparkmedia

    Bollywood Parks Dubai | Unknown | GCI Wooden Hybrid Coaster | 2021

    That was my fear, having done Coaster Express in Parque Warner Madrid, which is single most painful experience in my life, I hope GCI's fair better in 40 degree plus environments!
  13. Themeparkmedia

    Bollywood Parks Dubai | Unknown | GCI Wooden Hybrid Coaster | 2021

    That must have been their thought process, they thought they would diversify the lineup and attract people. A big GCI wooden coaster would do it for me thats for sure! Do wooden coasters work well in such high temperatures out of interest?
  14. Themeparkmedia

    Bollywood Parks Dubai | Unknown | GCI Wooden Hybrid Coaster | 2021

    Personally, it seems a bit of a strange fit for the Bollywood park as they have very little in terms of rides. I thought it was more of a show and experience park rather than actual rides.
  15. Themeparkmedia

    Schwaben Park | Hummel Brummel | Wie-Flyer

    It's certainly not the most aesthetically pleasing attraction I've seen...
  16. Themeparkmedia

    Drayton Manor sold to Looping Group (page 5)

    Loopings seem to keep parks fairly well 'upkept' but I can't see them suddenly adding the worlds tallest triple-launched RMC. Most of their investments seem to be small but with Drayton Manor being the 'flagship' they may see a better return on investments there rather than the likes of...
  17. Themeparkmedia

    Energylandia | Abyssus | Vekoma Shockwave+ | 2021

    Big love for that sign 😍
  18. Themeparkmedia

    B&M Surf Coaster Thread

    It's definitely going to be regarding an event. Busch Gardens did the exact same thing a few days ago regarding a fireworks event. I don't think they would be in a position to start to tease an attraction opening in 2021 when they haven't even got their 2020 attractions open yet 😬
  19. Themeparkmedia

    Legoland Windsor | LEGO Mythica | Flying Theatre

    I reckon Merlin didn't want to take the risk if the other movies are a flop. Lego has a huge amount of IP to play with, so better to switch it up before it's built rather than have experiences and attractions that are dated before they've even get off the ground.
  20. Themeparkmedia

    Legoland Windsor | LEGO Mythica | Flying Theatre

    *BUMP* It appears that Lego Movie World is no more. Plans have been submitted that basically has all the same features, but a different theme. They don't mention the theme, but its certainly not the colourful Lego Movie World that was to be. Money money is on the new Lego Batman...