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  1. Bat Fastard

    East Coast(er) Roadtrip 2K17- The most beautiful park I've been to!

    Kings Island, 5/22 Well my massive 2K17 Coaster Cred trip is finally here and it started out with a bang! I woke up insanely early to drive 11 hours to Mason, Ohio. I would be meeting up with a friend here to begin our trip. So after that brutal, long and boring drive, ALONE, I was finally at...
  2. Bat Fastard

    SeaWorld San Diego | Electric Eel | Premier Skyrocket II

    So I came across this while lurking on the Roller Coaster subreddit..... But wait, it gets better..... 2018 Premier Sky Rocket II? It could work for that park pretty well I think!
  3. Bat Fastard

    Best Operated Coasters

    I'm not talking about parks, but more specifically the individual coasters. Here are a few I can think of- Gatekeeper. Holy flying **** the operations on this thing are incredible. I counted a 40 second dispatch, multiple times. Cedar Point has great operations all around but I thought this...
  4. Bat Fastard

    Highlights of your 2016 season

    With 2016 pretty much in the books, I figured this topic would be appropriate now. Park related- *Best new cred * Worst new cred *Biggest surprise cred *Worst spite *Favorite park of the season *Best experience *Worst experience *Best individual day at a park *Worst individual day at a park...
  5. Bat Fastard

    Most "electric" station environment(s)?

    When I say this, I don't mean how the station looks. I mean which station(s) environment(s) gets you the most pumped and excited to ride? Whether it be the music playing, a pre launch or dispatch sequence (if applicable) or the enthusiasm of the ride ops, which station environments would you say...
  6. Bat Fastard

    Your favorite coasters to marathon

    What coaster(s) is your favorite to ride over and over and over and over again without wanting to get off nor getting sick of it? Obviously some of us may say our favorite coasters, but some of us may not feel that way because they're favorites may not be too re rideable after a while (Voyage...
  7. Bat Fastard

    Additions that have turned a park into a "destination park?"

    What parks would you say have been transformed from a "regional park" into a "destination park" because of a single additon? A park that us enthusiasts will travel long long distances to get to specifically because of that addition? For me, a few come to mind. I have been to none of these parks...
  8. Bat Fastard

    SFOT, SWSA, SFFT PTR, Part 3. Six Flags Fiesta Texas

    Hi everyone! I just got back from my last trip of the season. I visited Fiesta Texas and Seaworld San Antonio for the first time! We also stopped at Six Flags over Texas for half the day on the way down! Enjoy! Day 1, Six Flags over Texas (8/2) We left Wichita around 5 AM. We wanted to get to...
  9. Bat Fastard

    Xbox or Playstation

    I've got both an Xbox One and Playstation 4 although I find myself playing the PS4 more because that is what most of my friends play. Last generation I was completely an Xbox 360 guy. Absolutely hated the PS3 and its controller. This generation it's even for me.
  10. Bat Fastard

    Worlds of Fun 2017 attraction? Came across this on Worlds of Fun's Twitter. I know they're already getting the Trokia and Condor, but could this mean more? Maybe, and I say MAYBE, could Worlds of Fun be the candidate for the yearly Cedar Fair B&M? Or maybe a Triotech...
  11. Bat Fastard

    Favortie type of meat product

    What type of meat do you enjoy the most? To me, nothing beats chicken. Fish is also good. Beef is easily my least favorite.
  12. Bat Fastard

    What exactly does being "basic" mean?

    I'm talking about when you apply it to roller coasters, creds, trips, etc. I see it thrown around a lot on here, what would you say it means to be "basic?" Is it the amount (or lack) of travel you do? Is it how many (or little) creds you've been on? Is it if you've ever gone to parks outside of...
  13. Bat Fastard

    "Thrilling" activities that are not roller coasters?

    What else do you enjoy that is thrilling and gets your adrenaline pumping besides roller coasters? It can be anything- another hobby, interest or passion, your job, or simple, little things in life. Here are a few things I view as "thrilling" close to or on the level of roller coasters- Cars...
  14. Bat Fastard

    Exotic cars and mediocre creds... OKC/Frontier City cred run

    Ok so on Saturday, my girlfriend and I took a day trip down to Oklahoma City! We went to Cars and Coffee (a common thing in medium to large sized cities here in America… Once a month on a Saturday) and also Frontier City. It was my first time at Frontier City as I’ve never really cared to go but...
  15. Bat Fastard

    Favorite Youtube channels

    Not sure if this topic has already been created or not, but I couldn't find it. Who are your favorite Youtubers that you watch on a regular basis? Mine are- TmarTn- Favorite gamer Youtuber. Even though I think the quality of Call of Duty games is declining (his main channel is dedicated to...
  16. Bat Fastard

    A quality home park or the ability to travel more?

    Some of us may have great home parks, but are maybe not able to travel so often. Or maybe you're just living the life by having both a good home park and the ability to travel to new parks often (which is probably the situation most of us are in). And than there's people like me. I technically...
  17. Bat Fastard

    SDC/SFSTL/SFGAm/CP/KI/KK/HW-Ending the trip on a high note!

    So the time has finally come. A trip two other people and I have been planning out since February. The trip that will finally take me to Cedar Point and which I will surpass 100 credits. I will be writing this as I am on this trip. Here we go. Branson, Missouri (May 27th) We hit the road...
  18. Bat Fastard

    Your Dream Car(s)

    Not sure if this topic has already been posted or not, but what car(s) just wows you so much that you dream about finally owning it one day? Me being a huge car guy, I have quite a few dream cars, but I'll try and limit myself to just a few. Nissan GT-R- This is my "realistic" dream car. A car...
  19. Bat Fastard

    Which comes first? Six Flags B&M or Cedar Fair RMC?

    So with Six Flags' yearly RMC(s) and Cedar Fair's yearly big B&M, I thought it would be kind of interesting to think about the opposite. Which comes first? Six Flags finally going B&M again or Cedar Fair finally pulling the trigger on an RMC? Me personally, I think a Cedar Fair RMC will come...
  20. Bat Fastard

    Parks with best looking websites

    Simply put, which parks have the best looking websites in your opinion? My favorites are Hershey Park, Holiday World and the Cedar Fair parks' websites.