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    Nolimits 2 Competition #1 - Pave Paradise

    NoLimits2 has been out for a good six months now and there haven't been any contests yet, so I have decided to host one now that I've finally got my hands on the program. NoLimits 2 Competition 1: Pave Paradise Ahh... What a beautiful little meadow surrounded by rolling hills. What should...
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    Song Wars

    Here's a game I made up. I will post a song to start and someone will post a song to challenge it. Then people can vote for which one they like more, and the first song to get 5 votes wins! Whoever wins gets to post a new song and someone else challenges that. If the winner doesn't respond...
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    NL/Computer Questions

    Hey, I have some technical NL questions regarding performance and stuff, so if anyone can help me would be great. Anyway, the family laptop i'm using is about 4 or so years old and runs NoLimits pretty poorly (sometimes dropping below 10 fps on a detailed track while in the sim) and I was...
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    VooDoDe's Dev Topic - Eurofighter! (WIP)

    Hey! It seems everyone here has a place they post all of their NL rides, so here is my development topic. I haven't had NoLimits for very long, so don't expect anything here to be amazing, but of course tell me what you like and what I can improve on. ________________ This is one of my first...