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    We need to talk about Drayton...

    Because money is required to buy things. As a business you put the money in the things that stand to make you the best return. For Drayton, that's not thrills. Thomas Land... isn't its own theme park? So I'm not sure why it needs to be able to stand on its own? It fits in as part of the...
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    We need to talk about Drayton...

    I do love how people are like ‘you can’t survive being a younger family park who’s gonna go!’ - when one of the most financially successful parks in the country is... Legoland? It making good business sense and being whet YOU want is two different things, and there’s obviously plenty of people...
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    SFMM | West Coast Racers | Premier Quad Launch Möbius Sky Rocket

    Kinda related - is this construction why Apocalypse is closed at the moment? I’ll be pissed if I go in November and this still isn’t done and that’s shut because of it too ha.
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    What if Star Wars Land fails?

    I honestly don’t get the surprise? Disney we’re actively campaigning for people NOT to go, and then people don’t go and everyone’s like omg it’s a failure! There was a 3% drop in visitors - ok that sounds bad, but there was a 10% increase in spend per head (read the article a few days so may be...
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    Busch Gardens Williamsburg | Pantheon | Intamin LSM Coaster

    Oh yeah I do forget how when Oz’Iris was built everyone compared it to Batman...
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    Busch Gardens Williamsburg | Pantheon | Intamin LSM Coaster

    OK, so why not compare it to one of the tonnes of other rides that have been built like that since Maverick? Why not compare it to the actually comparable ride, Soaring With Dragon. The Maverick comparison is stupid and comes from a need to link everything back to Cedar Point even when it’s...
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    Busch Gardens Williamsburg | Pantheon | Intamin LSM Coaster

    Soaring with Dragon has an absolutely ****ing gigantic dive loop mate dunno how much more ‘proper’ you want it. Also I’ll slap the next person that says it’s like Maverick because it has launches and a 95 degree drop. It’s nothing like Maverick in any way, totally different style of ride.
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    Has a Scare Attraction Ever Been Too Much?

    Going through them alone can be vile - I remember I went through on at Djurs a few years ago by myself and it was pitch black and just absolutely terrifying. Great though. They’ve definitely gone too far at times - but I’m thinking more of the ‘extreme’ stuff rather than actual mazes. I’m...
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    Coaster Count Question

    Nowadays people just make up their counts so you just do you boo. I count portable rides but my rule is if I can’t prove two of the same model are different (usually by owner but sometimes you can just know) then I will only count one of each model.
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    Worst Coasters of the 2010s

    By original do you mean Flying Fjord Dragon? Because yeah, that one is fab, so when I went on JT I was super excited - until it jackhammered it down the drop. Those rides need a lot of maintenance or they get trash fast, so I’m going to say that the hot, humid climate where that one is...
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    Happy Valley Beijing | Music Roller Coaster | B&M Hyper Coaster

    This is a country where they’ll still run one train on rides with a two hour queue on a holiday weekend. Trust me, they have no intention of ever running two trains on this. It’s sad, I did think Disney might give at least some of the chains a kick up the arse but, nah
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    [Live TR] China June 19' - Shanghai, Beijing & more

    Yeah Icon is 100% the best coaster, but that’s really not hard to achieve!
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    Worst Coasters of the 2010s

    Jungle Trailblazer in Zhuzhou is probably the worst modern woodie I’ve done, dunno why they put those trash trains on it. Like everyone else has said, Smiler. Thunderbolt is trash too. I hate the ****ing Sky Rocket IIs as well.
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    What is your favourite B&M Wing Coaster?

    The answer is obviously Thunderbird, but my list is probably fairly controversial 1. Thunderbird - Smooth, forceful, graceful 2. Fenix - Quite similar to Thunderbird really, minus the launch - excellent airtime hill 3. Gatekeeper - Just ****ing huge really isn't it 4. Flug Der Damonen - Don't...
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    LoG 2019: May Submissions

    Matt, bit of a head's up - I have no idea what half the rides in China were called so I've just given them generic names... Date = 5th May Park = Hansa Park Abroad/different State = Yes Waterpark visited = No Rollercoasters Schlang Von Midgard x1 (BR) Karnan x3 (1x FR) Fluch Von...
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    [Live TR] China June 19' - Shanghai, Beijing & more

    I'd say they're honestly on par? I'll caveat this by saying I really like Icon, I think it's great - so saying they're on par isn't to say that Steel Dolphin isn't great. The launches on SD are just that bit better, the top hat is fab, the outwardly banked hill over the entrance is great, and...
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    Guangzhou Wanda Theme Park | Guangzhou | Theme Park

    It definitely didn't have 300,000 visitors lol, imagine! I can imagine a claim like that coming out. We nearly went to the opening day and then I realised I couldn't be arsed with the faff, most of the stuff isn't open, and I'll be back there soon enough. Fun story for y'all.
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    [Live TR] China June 19' - Shanghai, Beijing & more

    Steel Dolphin is fabbb, kind of similar to Icon in a lot of ways. But the rest of that park is gross, a really weirdly run down place considering how new it is.
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    Green Lantern First Flight Will Be Retracked|Six Flags Magic Mountain

    Better be done by November, arseholes.