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  1. DDF14

    The Most Iconic Movie Weapons Poll

    Ok You have 2 rounds left in the mag (VOTES) you can choose 2 of these weapons listed whats it gonna be ..... Punk ! ? Tommy Gun : Lightsabre : T-800:
  2. DDF14

    The Best / Your Favourite Guitar Solo & Riffs Of All Time ?

    Ok guys lets do it like the title says. I need to know your favourites and what you consider to be the best. I know sometimes the best and our favourites are different so lets here both opinions please. If we can keep it to this format for easy reading. *Best Guitar Solo = "Jumping At...
  3. DDF14

    The Best Pizza Chain

    Which is your favourite pizza provider? Which is your favourite base ? Double decadence for me , thin and crispy all the way... My local Rocco's though is exceptional value and has a much more authentic taste. Dominos is a bit expensive.. What do you think?
  4. DDF14

    Which UK ride would make a good movie ?

    Since Disney has had so much success with Pirates of the Caribbean is it not possible that more ride stories and theme ideas could be turned into Hollywood blockbusters. Movie studios and parks could share the costs and would be a huge platform to promote interest in an older ride. The...
  5. DDF14

    Which of these coasters do we need 1 more of?

    The UK needs more quality rides and a few less gimmicks therefore I ask you this. Of these one of a kind in the UK coasters which would you most like to see another quality more dynamic version installed ? Feel free to go into details of layouts and theme and anything else relevant.
  6. DDF14

    Worlds Highest Bungee Bridge Jump Report & Video

    In the spring of 2009 I found myself on a 4 month tour of South Africa working on international cricket between SA and Australia followed by some IPL 20 20 action. As part of the Hawk-Eye team we had to travel in our own television truck which we got to drive all over the place. We decided on...
  7. DDF14

    Gold Reef City South Africa Report

    I am very lucky that in my job of a Hawk-Eye systems engineer for sports television productions I get to travel most of the year. For the past 3 years (2009,10,11) I have found myself at the South African Tennis Open in Monte Casino resort Johannesburg every January which is a short drive to...
  8. DDF14

    Ferrari, Lamborghini, Porsche or Aston Martin

    I am currently in the market for a new toy but which brand would you go with? My dream is a Ferrari F40 or 288GTO... So Ferrari for me...