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  1. Jack723

    CF Lives 2017

    We have decided to book for Altons fireworks! Can't wait to finally meet some other enthusiasts. Our first theme park firework event and out first CoasterForce Live!
  2. Jack723

    What was your first coaster to feature a launch?

    Mine was Velocity. Looked so scary, I would have only been about 7. I really didn't want to go on it but I absolutely loved it and since then its become one of my favourite coasters! Best Vekoma I've ever been on!
  3. Jack723

    Alton Towers | Wicker Man | GCI Wood

    The 2017 Alton Towers map has confirmed that SW8 will be part of Gloomy Wood!!!! What does every one think of this? Do you think it could hint the theming of the ride? Anyone think anything will change to Mutiny Bay?
  4. Jack723

    YAY Merlin!

    The real cobwebs were replaced with fake ones.... So it should look the same really. I think the floor could look too new though. I can't wait to get to the Towers to see the differences!
  5. Jack723

    Do You Judge Your Home Park(s) Differently?

    Really good question. My home parks are not very big, I'm close to Flamingo Land and Lightwater Valley, so most of the coasters aren't amazing, but they are both nice parks. Its less unusual to be at them, so for me they don't feel as exciting to be at as some others do that are further away...
  6. Jack723

    Red Force - Ferrari Land Portaventura

    Portaventura World just announced the name of the new fastest and tallest vertical accelerator in Europe... Red Force! What are everyone's opinions on the name choice? Do you think it fits in with the rest of the park or do you think it's boring? I actually really like it, it's not the most...
  7. Jack723

    Dodonpa Being Reborn In 2017

    I can't belive the hill is being removed, I haven't rode Dodonpa yet but it was very high on my bucket list! That hill looked like it would give an amazing ride experience and I am really annoyed that I didn't get to ride before they change it into an inversion...
  8. Jack723

    Where will the next Disney theme park be built?

    I saw a rumour in the news online somewhere that said a Disney park was going to be built in the UK, but I can't remember where I saw it. I don't see that happening though! I would say either Hong Kong or Shanghai.