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  1. Brad

    Haiti. Adventure Ocean Oasis

    Whilst I tend not to attend many theme parks anymore. When you end up in resort with a roller coaster you may as well push up your CC. Whilst voyaging around the Caribbean I ended up in Labadee, Haiti where they have a Alphine Coaster. These were the pictures I took whilst around it. Very...
  2. Brad

    Toilet roll !!!

    What way do you have your toilet roll?
  3. Brad

    Your Top Concerts / Gigs / Shows

    What are your top concerts / gigs / show you've been to? Mine are... 1. Prodigy - Warriors Dance Festival 2. Basement Jaxx - 02 Arena 3. Pendulum - Reading Festival, NME stage 4. Cypress Hill - Reading Festival, main stage 5. Mumford & Sons - Reading Festival, NME stage 6. Chase and...
  4. Brad


    On the 10th of August a few of my mates and I ventured over to Amsterdam for 4 days. This is about my time there and yes - I know CF is family friendly so I wont include photos of anything considered bad in the UK. So we start at Stansted with my Full english from W'spoons Had a 40 or...
  5. Brad

    California TR

    One month later and I've decided to my California TR, after Jerry reminded me at the Euro-Live. So after driving from Vegas to California, and taking a 1 hour detour after getting lost, we arrived at out hotel the Sheridan Anaheim. I booked with the hotel a Coach journey to take me to SFMM for...
  6. Brad

    Vegas TR

    My Grandma, Grandpa, two older girl cousins and I flew out from Gatwick in the morning, Arriving in Vegas in the afternoon. We checked in and explored the strip. I went on the Manhatten Express at New York New York, (all ride ratings at the bottom) it was just as **** as last time, the only...
  7. Brad

    What is the best B&M Roller Coaster in Florida

    There are many great Roller coaster in Florida, but which of these is the best B&M ??? :--D Having of gone on all of these Except Kraken as i didnt have enough time, i think that the best coaster and my Favourite is Sheikra. Closely followed by Montu and The Incredible Hulk Coaster. I also...