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  1. nealbie

    Nintendo Themed World for Universal Japan

    Yay! Not until the 2020 Olympics, but yay nonetheless. I'm guessing it's Mario leaning for the international market as the Japanese don't actually seem to give a **** about him and it's all about Pikachu...
  2. nealbie

    Disneyland Paris Price Fixing Probe

    I know us enthusiasts have spoken out many times about DLP and their dodgy online prices depending on where you live, well they're finally under investigation. <3 Disneyland Paris faces pricing probe I personally complained in 2012 when booking for...
  3. nealbie

    Germanwings Alps Plane Crash

    Looks like the co-pilot crashed the plane on purpose. Wow! That's even more horrendous than it already was! :shock:
  4. nealbie

    Burger Off Merlin!! (Heide Park, 6th & 7th May)

    A long, long time ago (in a galaxy far away blah, blah, blah), I went to Heide Park with CF and with the notable exceptions of the company of my fellow goons and a certain ridiculously tall wooden coaster, I absolutely hated it! So, when Del Piero and Darren organised a two day shindig at North...
  5. nealbie

    Epic Battle: Star Wars (IV-VI) vs. The Lord of the Rings

    The original Star Wars trilogy and Peter Jackson's Lord of the Rings trilogy are two of (if not) the best epic film sagas of all time, but which is best? I love both sci-fi and fantasy (yes, this can happen) and variations & crossovers thereof, so I rank both highly. Both were vastly enormous...
  6. nealbie

    Is Smiler's Inversion Record Strictly Canon?

    An odd one, but one that's been bugging me for ages, but is The Smiler's record of 14 inversions on one coaster strictly canon? The coaster utilises two lift hills (and a pre-drop if you're being really pedantic) in order to achieve this, which is perhaps fine, but it's the first time this has...
  7. nealbie

    Proper Football (y'know, with your foot and a ball) Thread

    OMG, I haven't really been as into my football the past 3 years but this season (especially in the Premier League) looks set to be a cracker! Ferguson's **** OFF, meaning Man Utd should become a respectable team once again, Jose's back <3 and Arsenal look about ready to give it a go...
  8. nealbie

    Your thoughts on Zufari

    Riding Zufari at Chessington yesterday got me thinking: what other completely pointless rides have there been over the years? I mean completely pointless rides that have served absolutely no purpose at all (at least in a positive manner). Seriously, why is it so turd? No amount of polishing is...
  9. nealbie

    Pinewood Lakes - NEW PARK

    To be the signature ride of the brand new "Pinewood Lakes" park opening in 1985 and including the world's FIRST zero-g roll element - Scorpion, a Vekoma Loopscrew...... Themed to the world of the Ancient Egyptians, Scorpion takes you on a death defying journey that includes a 110ft drop, high...
  10. nealbie

    Theme Park World!

    Just a little something for y'all. More soon xx
  11. nealbie

    Fromage du 90's

    Now most of us know I'm far too obsessed for my own good with Take That. But I'd like to know what CoasterForce's favourite variety of cheese is when it comes to boybands of the 1990's. They're even better now. But even when they first appeared their music was awesome and, to me (much like the...
  12. nealbie

    Project Pomplemousse

    A quick teaser of a little something I'm working on.................. Much love xxx
  13. nealbie

    Cadbury Curiosity

    This is one for our members from across the pond. Now Kraft has purchased Cadbury, does Dairy Milk (in its proper form) retail in the States these days? American friends of mine (and Taylor I suppose, not that she's a good way to back-up a point of view) have always said that they much prefer...
  14. nealbie

    Formula 1™ Topic

    It's finally here! CoasterForce's very own official Formula 1™ thread! So use this topic to catch up on Ben's latest plans on getting inside Button's pants, Neal giving countless excuses for Schumacher's poor performance, Marc claiming any breath taken by Ferrari is illegal, Martyn saying Le...
  15. nealbie

    Favourite Comic Book Superhero?

    So, who's the awesome bundle of amazingness that excites you the most? Which exterior underpants wearing caped crusader with special powers do you most want to be? Who do you wish YOU turned into every time you go into a public toilet? George Michael?! (I thought not!) :P Who is CF's...
  16. nealbie

    Song of 2010

    So, there's an album topic, why not branch it out to those who aren't really interested in music at all and just absorb the **** that Simon Cowell and co. pump into the charts? So, what are your top 10 songs (singles) that were released this year? Will be interesting to see what CF's...
  17. nealbie

    Bloody Belgians!

    A game played between myself and Stone Cold quite frequently with little success is the "name a famous Belgian" game. We adapted this in Sweden to Swedish and Finnish people to greater degrees of success! :lol: In order to qualify for a nomination you have to have done something...
  18. nealbie

    Pokémon Trading Card Collection

    One of my fondest childhood memories (perhaps even my all-time favourite), as you may have seen in the topic, is Pokémon! I've had for several years now, owned a COMPLETE trading card collection of all the ORIGINAL Pokémon. The favourite Poké topic inspired me to going through the trouble of...
  19. nealbie

    Oh NOES not ANOTHER bloody Thorpe TR....

    It was the last day of the 2010 season, and Alton was such a long long way away..... so welcome to Chertsey, home of Britain's Thrill Capital! Home of, amongst other things.... Slammer and Colossus ♥ And so begins the long waiting game....... It was cold - but thankfully...
  20. nealbie

    Cowell's Campaign At Making Money out of Britain 2010

    Well the "talent" spotting machine rolls on, or so Facebook suggests :lol: So feel free to write up your drivel on Cowell's latest venture into stealing our coffers...... Whose Boyle will pop this year? :roll: