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    Milestone Coasters in Your Count

    1. Taxi Jam at Kings Dominion 50. Air Grover at Busch Gardens Tampa (damn miscount) 100. Carolina Cyclone at Carowinds
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    how many times in a row?

    29 without getting up on Anaconda. 31 times that day total. Huge bruises on my elbows for a week afterward :lol:
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    Queue time killing ideas

    -Scream a random name and see how many people look back. -Pretend to argue with your friend very loudly. -Sport one of your nerdy shirts and wait for one of the GP people in line to start asking questions then babble to them about coasters until you're in the station or they blow their brains...
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    Vekoma criticism

    Batwing battered the **** out of my hips, so I wouldn't call it smooth. Firehawk was better but it's still really abusive on the hips during the Double In-Line Twist. Vekoma's problem is not only the wheel assembly, but the design. The track on all older Vekoma coasters banks and...
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    Your Pre-enthusiast Days

    I've always loved coasters and I knew that there were other parks out there, but as far as I was concerned, it was only necessary to go to my homeparks and if it was near where we were vacationing. What made me recognize that I loved coasters was when I rode Big Bad Wolf back in 1999. I...
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    Last 5 Coasters?

    1. Alpengeist 2. Alpengeist 3. Apollo's Chariot 4. Apollo's Chariot 5. Grover's Alpine Express
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    Last 5 Coasters?

    1. Flight of Fear 2. Shockwave 3. Hurler 4. Dominator 5. Anaconda
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    Blue Streak wins! Finally open! Conneaut Lake Park

    Voted. Awesome to see that it's now 18th. I'm glad to see that Conneaut Lake didn't just demolish it and have been actively trying to restore the park instead of letting it go to waste.
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    Should Bollinger and Mabillard go in a new direction?

    I've been on a fair share of B&Ms and Intamins and I still prefer B&M. B&M hasn't made more than a couple coasters that distinctly suck, or at least from what I've been on. I hated Hydra because it was so rough, but the layout is really creative so that saves it some. Mantis comes to mind...
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    Most Painful Rollercoasters & Flat rides

    Steel- Invertigo (KI) and Hypersonic XLC Wood- Mean Streak and Thunderhawk (Dorney) Flat- Crypt (for obvious reasons, apparently male HUSS employees don't test restraints on themselves or are poorly endowed)
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    I would be lead to believe that more accidents nowadays are caused by the stupidity of riders. People nowadays have more medical issues and are fatter but still wish to ride even though warnings blatantly state that if you have a condition or are really fat you shouldn't. Also it's a bigger...
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    Throwing up on a ride

    I haven't until this year. All the times that I've thrown up have been due to a really rough coaster. When I rode Gwazi I guess that it shook me so badly that I lost my lunch (which I had just finished, stupidity on my part). I rode Hurler 7 times in a row and felt really bad about 10...
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    Bit of a random question!

    I know Busch Gardens Williamsburg will pester you if you're headed the opposite direction of the exit about 15 minutes after closing. I had stuff in the lockers by Alpengeist and we got through Apollo's line about 30 minutes after closing and a security guard stopped us on our way back to the...
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    Favourite coaster

    Steel: Millennium Force What a boss. Millennium Force's layout is so uncreative but somehow it's so amazing. Wood: Beast Beast is beast. Smooth, classic, and just plain fun. I adore the helix after the second lift. Night ride = love.
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    Something that was really major was riding Big Bad Wolf for the first time. I was 4 and was terrified. Loch Ness Monster and Anaconda at 5 were also major things for me. The only other one that comes to mind is Top Thrill Dragster. I was scared ****less, but now that I've gone that high I...
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    Water in track...

    The openings for the mechanics are solid cylinders with no access to the inside of the spine. Notice how it's not entirely hollow, just a cylinder.
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    Kings Island and Cedar Point PTR

    Fart in a bucket. Delete this post, por favor.
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    Flying Coaster Manufacturers

    I've been on Firehawk, Batwing, and Manta. Batwing was absolutely horrible. Although a clone of Firehawk, Batwing moved so slowly through the entire circuit and it was shuffling really badly which was harsh on the hips. Firehawk was much better than Batwing, but still not great. Vekoma's...
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    Who makes the best corkscrews?

    My personal favorite Corkscrew is Premier's. I love how you're constantly moving forwards and it's more drawn out. Also, Premier puts a little pop of airtime at the top of their Corkscrews. None of them are slow during the inversion so it's forceful with a random pop of airtime. I love...
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    BaKwordz (backwards)

    You can't have a backwards-running coaster in continuous mode, NoLimits just isn't set up to do that.