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    Kings Island and Cedar Point PTR

    Last week I went to Cedar Point and Kings Island and it was pretty frickin awesome. I spent Monday and Tuesday at KI and Wednesday-Friday at CP. Ohio weather sucks and Ohio roads suck. Kings Island- Kings Island is a decent park. It feels really classic and somewhat outdated, though...
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    Busch Gardens Tampa & SeaWorld Orlando PTR

    Over my Spring Break I was able to go to two parks in Florida so I chose Busch Gardens Tampa and SeaWorld Orlando. Overall they were amazing parks. First up, SWO. SeaWorld Orlando was a really really nice park. The operations for the most part weren't amazing but weren't as bad as Kings...
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    Intimidator 305's Opening Day PTR

    Today was an absolutely epic day. Ride Count- Intimidator 305 x8 Anaconda x2 Rebel Yell x1 Grizzly x1 I got my pass processed and waited to get into the park and once in I waited in the area between Ghoster Coaster and Dominator. I ran into one guy who said he'd ridden Mean Streak...
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    Favorite Sounds

    Because all of us have those super nerdy favorite sounds. Or maybe I'm the only freak. Arrow Anti-Rollbacks. Arrow roar. B&M Brakes. Premier LIMs.
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    BGW Passholder Preview Day PTR

    So yesterday I went down to Busch Gardens Williamsburg for the Passholder Preview Day. Since it was a passholder-exclusive event, I figured that there wouldn't be a huge crowd... WRONG. The lines weren't bad at all, but the park was rather crowded. I stayed from 10-5:30 and overall it was a...
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    Coasters Personified

    So my friend and I were going back and forth personifying coasters and I decided to start it here. One of the best I could come up with is- Mantis is the bitchy girl notorious for kicking you in the balls. Post your own :)